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7 Capitalist Success Secrets Debunked

capitalist success secret are myths. Communal ideology is supported by myths.  Myths are stories or metanarratives that facilitate group knowledge. From this knowledge society can legitimize completion of some master idea. That idea under capitalism is that capitalist success is an adequate determination for allowing capitalists to act as a ruling class.

Somehow a capitalist who has garnered success in this system earns certain merit.  This merit grants him/her a sort of sovereign right.  That right is distinguishment from the working class person because a working-class person is subservient to the capitalist. Instead of being subject to the demands of a boss, a capitalist has no boss because a capitalist is a boss.

Venture Capitalist
Venture Capitalist via flickr

Myth 1: Being poor is your fault

The growing sentiment within capitalist ideology is that if you are poor it’s your own fault. It’s one of the most common ‘ matters of fact’ vestments of the ideology.  It is so commonly accepted, in fact, that many of the worlds poor simply accept their desperation under these terms. Instead of them realizing their status is systemically predetermined.  Ironically, poor people who adopt these capitalist success values cause them to be further exploited and bled dry of their substance to sustain the voracious appetites of the rich capitalist class.

I was utterly appalled after reading a Forbes article called 5 Millionaire myths that keep you poor.  It was disgusting for them to propagate this ugly ideology.  To think that what makes a person poor is some sort of lack of ‘mindset‘ or that poor people simply aren’t applying ‘capitalist success principles.’ This got me thinking about how delusional and depraved a capitalist views oneself in this system.

Myth 2: Capitalist Success is not domination

When we refer to the success we inherently refer to predatory social Darwinism. Even in sports.  Competitive forces weed out the weaker and relegate them to the periphery.  In this way the winners become the subjects to the exhalation of the meritocratic competitive game. Like I’ve stated before though.  Weaker units are weeded out & this means that there has to inevitably be losers by which the one succeeds at the expense of the others.

Capitalist success secrets are only merits in the game of capitalism.  We’ve turned life & society itself into a sort of game. We call that game Capitalism

It got me thinking The typical ideology of capitalism is to paint it as both the closest natural political state and also as a meritocracy.  On the one hand it is centered around creating a space for individual ability to flourish.  On the other hand it identifies a regimented hierarchy of ability that confers privilege based on meeting the internal criteria of the group.

Myth 3: Anyone can be a millionaire

The delirious notion between this idea has to do with the anthropic principle.  The Anthropic principle actually states that before we compile data on any system.  We first need to take into account that the system is predicated first and foremost on the human mind to which it is being observed. This means that a system has no credence without first the innate affect the human mind has on that data in the first place. The word Anthropic is derived from Greek.  It is the word for human which is ‘Anthropos.’

Capitalists view their success as innate natural occurring properties of the cosmos.  In this sense, naturalism becomes the mechanistic model by which capitalists believe their rise in the dominance hierarchy proves their legitimacy.  As they believe they’ve simply implemented some sort of mechanistic universal property. Instead, their status is an artificially induced result in an already rigged game.

The anthropic of the capitalist success story is like the gambler who has a winning streak.  He rolls the dice and throws it.  Coincidentally another player comes over and asks him what is his secret.  The gambler throws the dice and says “your throw the dice like this.” The second patron throws the dice to no avail.  Success for the gambler in this way is a mere technicality of certain systems falling into his favor while the other, implementing the same strategies, loses.

 Myth 4: Capitalists work harder, therefore, they earn more

This myth is long debunked.  In no way does working harder to earn more money.  Actually as a matter of fact most people living under the poverty line work much harder and longer hours in awful conditions.

Myth 5: Capitalist Success is Easily Repeatable

In recent years a flourish of self-acclaimed Entrepreneur “Gurus” have flooded the internet. They claim to be able to sell their capitalist success secrets.  The problem here is ultimately about these claims about capitalism’s success secrets.  They are predominantly propagated by the capitalists who’ve been the product of that success.  This once again goes back to the delusional anthropic principle.

Making a mere inquiry into one of these programs. One notes that even in many of their disclaimers about the products there is always mention that there is ‘no guarantee.’ In this sense the creation of multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires doesn’t lie in any instructable methodology in the system.

Myth 7: You have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps

Most people don’t have any bootstraps to


With the modern business ideology and the cult of the entrepreneur. Capitalism has been maintaining an ideological stranglehold over the majority of society. The myths act as pillars. Ultimately when we knock down these pillars we can adequately rebuild on firmer notions.


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