29 Examples of Instagram vs Reality: Blatant Lies of Social Media

Instagram vs reality is a deeper rabbit hole than previously thought.  Coincidentally it has recently come under even more flack for these false portrayals of reality.  In fact, it’s actually been designated as a catalyst for a bunch of different mental disordersFOMO or “fear of missing out” ranks up there as one of them. This is because influencers tend to only show positive and exciting parts of their lives and exclude the rest.  However, it’s been shown that Instagrammers conclusively project an fake instagram life.

Despite the negative escapism tit also has become a vehicle for false projections of body image.   I say that its false because many of these Instagram models have been caught seriously doctoring their photos with various photo editing software. That is, mainly they photoshop the heck out their images.

This new vehement rejection of Instagram “body standards” has spurred a new underground movement by members of the subreddit Instagram vs reality which exposes the vapid and perverse world of fake Instagram images.

These unobtainable standards of beauty perfection are what drive people to have mental health issues, to begin with.  Social media have enculturated our children to glorify the luxury lifestyle and condemn the majority of working-class lifestyles.  As a consequence of this constant inundation with extreme perfection, it is driving more and more people to standardize the fake.

1)Who invented the Samsung bendable phone?

Instagram vs reality will search images for signs of doctoring.  Upon first glance, these women appear to be flawless.  However, if you take a look at the phone you’ll see evidence of photo tampering.  Phones don’t bend like that.

two instagram models lounging by the pool. the phone is looking fake.

2) Perfect curves? More like perfect photoshop.

The image on left and the image on the right show a clear difference.  Often times members of Instagram vs reality will find an influencer who has been tagged and see how she/he looks in another person’s photo.  If there is a clear difference you’ve got an Instagram vs reality winner.


An Instagram model who is fake when compared to reality.
Batty67585 via reddit


3)Too much face filter makes you look like a cartoon character

Instagram vs reality fake face filters. Large black woman in pin stripes sitting in a bathroom.
Atte789 via Reddit

4) Here is another example of good Instagram vs Reality Investigation

A young woman who is seen faking photoshop. Instagram vs reality proves she is faking.
bigbootytyrone via reddit


5)Face filter overload.

Nobody takes clowns seriously. It doesn’t even look good.  I can’t understand why anybody would even post this.



A couple of Instagram women sitting in what appears to be a club. We get to connect them with Instagram vs reality.
Shirais via reddit

6)It’s network television. I don’t know if this adjustment was entirely her doing.

this network television star gets exposed. You see her instagram on the right and the reality on the left.
Moeapple2 via reddit

7) Sometimes it can be just as much as proportions being unbelievably unrealistic

A model exposed on Instagram vs Reality
ashunknown via reddit

8)And the fake Instagram award goes to….

Check out this rapid-fire fake.  Sometimes angle is just everything.

Series of photos which show her Instagram vs the reality of who she is.
Samedaycomparison via reddit

9) A trip to the beach in the Twilight Zone

She appears to have a very thin waist now, doesn’t she? I was also convinced of this Instagram image.  However, when you look very closely in the right-hand corner, just above her buttocks there is a clear distortion.  This is a dead giveaway of a tampered photo.

Doctored photo of woman at the beach.

10) His body looks like an upside-down Dorito chip

Young man with a very very think waist. It is totally unnatural and thus suspicious. Clearly a fake.
bubstheaxi via reddit

11) The angle is everything

Girl in bathing suit from one angle vs another.
umbluebarrypie via reddit

12) My, what a thin waist you have.

Whose waist that thin could support that upper body?  This doesn’t look right to me.

Girl taking a photo in her bathroom. Her waist is unnaturally thin.
jamn9456 via reddit

13) Face Filter, Breast distortion, Butt distortion, Background distortion.  She’s firing fake on all cylinders.

Enkognito via reddit

14) Some Instagram users are honest about reality and hypocrisy.

tokenawkward via reddit

15) Being honest about Instagram shows that you have a lighter side.

Women who show their true selves on instagram
iseeyourpanties via reddit


16)Believe the hype

This just goes to show you exactly how much people use the photoshop technique. Consequentially,  you can’t blame this company for taking advantage of the fact.  That is, exploiting the masses.

A sign advertising courses in photoshopping your body for Instagram.
1337JMAN via Reddit

17) If he took the photoshop course he would have gotten a C- because those biceps look cut and paste.

Fake biceps
jaywalkker via reddit

18) Large eyes, smallmouth.  Only the mouth part is crooked.  Nobody can be a living anime character.

face filter along with doctored image proportions.
nminniemouse via instagram


19)Take a look at the warped ceiling int the background.  Stuff like this is a dead giveaway of doctored Instagram photos.

There are different ways people edit their images.  Instagram vs reality suspects that this user was editing her neck.

Girl with neck photoshopped and distorted background.
Mightysumo117 via Reddit

20) Her on TV vs her on Instagram

side by side of woman in Instagram vs Reality
kittyzoomer via reddit

21) This guy has one massive ‘swollen’ looking arm and one lanky dangly looking arm.

We can often determine the legitimacy of Instagram by just following the basic knowledge of human anatomy.  That is to say, we all have built-in knowledge of what people are supposed to look like.  Often times when we come across a picture that doesn’t make sense (such as this one) we can safely conclude that the photo is a fake.

Sarah314 via Reddit

22) This just doesn’t add up.


AtomicUniverse97 via Reddit

23) What causes the human butt to detach from the body?

rainbowkittypower via reddit

24) I’ve never seen pants like that in my entire life!

jamn9456 via Reddit

25) The girl on the left and the girl on the right are the exact same person

Neptunium196 via Reddit

26) Is this image warped or does she really have a large upper body with tiny feet?

wowdudebummer via Reddit

27) Shrek sized forearms

The choppy outline is clearly a cut and paste.  I don’t need to go into detail about the freakishly large arms in relative size to the waist.

Averagehimandher via Reddit

28) Those thigh muscles are looking a little…off

Once again when we investigate further we can see dead giveaways of fakes. This is an example of something that has multiple signs of photoshop. You see not only does the anatomy of her legs look completely fake but you can see the door in the background.  A slight bend in the door or any other part of the background is evidence of photoshop.   This one is definitely a fake in my book.

saltandsandbeach via Reddit

29) There is no ass like that on this planet!

I’m pretty sure the connective tissue of the gluteus maximus doesn’t sharply taper off right at the nape of the back.  Clear fail.

Doctored butt photo
Justbutters via reddit

30) The Warped Mat in the Background is the Smoking Gun of Fakeness.

Baconcat69 via Reddit

31) Videos and Images show different stories.

pastiell via Reddit


If you’d like to see an abridged version of this then watch this video:


It’s really unclear as to the sheer amount of fake images on Instagram.  How long will this epidemic last?

  Why do people doctor their images?

People want to doctor their images to project the most perfect concepts of themselves. People under capitalism act like commodities.  This is due to the fact they’ve been raised with commodities surrounding them.  Think, for example, of the boy who is raised by wolves.  He acts like a wolf.  The same can be said about people.

When people re given the chance to present themselves to market forces they tend to imitate standards that are set by the market.  The question arises “what is consumable?” Perfection is the highest form of commodity as all marketers strive to beat out their competition.  These users of Instagram are competing with organizations that have models and billboard actors on their side.

What is Escapism?

Escapism is a form of distraction and diversion from real life.  For the most part, life is pretty bland.  People go to work from 9 to 5 and that is it.  The lions share of one’s life is in this very routined and regimented form of servitude.  Escapism allows people to feel as if they can get away from the relations they share with the market.

Drawing conclusions

   So let me wrap this up and draw my ironic conclusions on the factual foundations of this preliminary Instagram rant.  So I think that the problems people have with Instagram vs reality are that of the Marxist concept of false consciousness. That is a way described in which materials either ideological or institutional mislead the working-class people away from achieving their revolutionary power.
   I hate marxism because it leads to the most revolting and vile totalitarian forms of government and degradation that human history has ever seen.  So if you want to fight the Commie scourge than by all means it’s our Cult Machine duty to welcome cultural hegemonies such as Instagram. Instagram helps us to continue the traditional American institution of escapism.  Somehow someway leisure strolling through the viralverse provides us that libidinal jolt of will, the false sense that we’ve recaptured the life hours lost in service to our noble capitalist overlords in the workplace and enough to ensure our safe return to the factory.

Written by Emilie Wasser

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