Guy Takes Ordinary Boxes And Turns Them Into A Cardboard Fireplace

A super-creative guy, known only as MrLeroux, has found an incredible way to lighten the mood at his workplace (pun intended). And the whole idea cost him less than 10$. He used some large, and ordinary, cardboard boxes (and what we believe to be some kind of black magic in the process), and he managed to build an authentic-looking holiday fireplace. He even completed it with a mantle and Christmas decorations.

If you want to do the same, then you’re in luck: The Cult Machine has the complete step-by-step guide so everyone can build their own cardboard fireplace.


Step 1 – Get the boxes

MrLeroux via imgur

In this case, MrLeroux opted to use three sport-utility boxes from U-haul, but feel free to use whatever you want, just bear in mind you will need 3

Step 2 – Paint them

MrLeroux via imgur

DIY-legend MrLeroux was able to make a brick and mortar pattern in the boxes, by sponging them with different colors. Use the colors you like the most, but our advice would be to stick with ones used on the picture, as you can see give the work a life-like appearance.

Step 3 – Open up the boxes

MrLeroux via imgur

By opening one of the boxes, DIY-God MrLeroux was able to make the top part, that would then rest on the other two, and with this, create a realistic (and 3D) fireplace

Step 4 – Assemble the whole thing

MrLeroux via imgur

This may seem an ordinary fireplace but is actually three painted cardboard boxes. You almost can’t tell the difference right?

Step 5 – Get a “mantle”

MrLeroux via imgur

For his mantle, King-of-the-builders MrLeroux used a slab of white pine, connected to the “fireplace” with Liquid Nails (whatever that is, it sounds very cool)

Step 6 – Build the “grates”

MrLeroux via imgur

For his “grates”, Living-myth MrLeroux just cut out some extra pieces of cardboard and glued them together using hot-glue (doesn’t sound as cool as Liquid Nails)

Step 7 – The “logs”

MrLeroux via imgur

For his “logs”, Super-human MrLeroux rolled up and unrolled two pieces of cardboard, and then cut several slits on the outside.

Step 8 – Continuing with the “logs”

MrLeroux via imgur

He then spray-painted the rolled-again slitted tubes using black mate paint and connected them with electrical tape.

Step 9 – Still on the “logs”

MrLeroux via imgur

Next, The Chose One MrLeroux inserted a string of led orange lights inside the tubes, leaving the plug coming out the back.

Step 10 – Put the whole thing together

MrLeroux via imgur

After placing the crate and logs inside the fireplace, and turning on the lights, you will see that the whole thing looks surprisingly real, with an also-very-real log glowing inside.

Step 11 – The decorations

MrLeroux via imgur

You can decorate your new fireplace with the typical cheap Christmas decorations

Step 12 – Admire your work

MrLeroux via imgur

If you followed our steps closely, you will now be the proud owner of your very own piece of workplace-winter-wonderland, built with your own sweat and tears.

Step 13 – Share it on social media

MrLeroux via imgur

Don’t forget to use a regular banana for scale.

Second-Coming MrLeroux’s coworkers were completely baffled with his magnificent creation. The same can’t be said about his boss, who wasn’t thrilled to know he wasted two full workdays building a useless cardboard fireplace.



Written by Ricky Spanish

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