You’ll Hate Communism Too After Seeing the Russian Simpsons

  There is this Russian Animation of the Simpsons that portrays life under communism.  Lazy Square animation is the one who penned this masterful work of art.  Everybody knows him anyway as Alexei Semyonov.  The Simpsons are America’s favorite animated family beloved around the world but nothing is sacred. Lazy Square got his hands on The Simpsons.  Now we can see what the Simpsons would look like in Russian Communism.

In this Communism version of The Simpsons, we see Bart stealing cell phones and skateboards, drugs, violence, and petty crime.  We see Lisa being surrounded by the Russian police as she tries to earn money outside of the communist system (which was illegal.)  Finally, we see the finale of a domestic scuffle between Marge and Homer.


It’s a terrifying glimpse into a truly disturbing world of communism and here in this blog, we’re going to explain a lot of what is going on in this Russian Simpsons and how it compares to real Communism.


The Russian Springfield is a grey and depressing wasteland.

Simpsons Russian Communism
snapshot via youtube

Here is the opening scene of the video.  The oversaturated cartoon colors have been replaced.  Now everything is a general wash of grey.  Greyness is not the only symbolism being employed here. By having a grey act as the main color pallet the artist symbolizes the push for equality and equity among the Russian people.

Nothing was different under Socialism.  Everything had to be the same. Furniture was all made by the government. The real estate was all built and controlled by the government.  Nobody had any reason to collect or have hobbies and everything was

State Enforced Political Correctness Made Everybody Woke

Political correctness under Russian Communism was a thousand times worse than it is now in America.  A person couldn’t even complain about anything the government did. On top of that, there was plenty to complain about.  People often stood for hours in bread lines, things broke down, there was mass starvation, etc.  If you hated your job you had to keep your mouth shut.  The Russian government had ownership over everything and hating your job was seen as speaking out against the party you could be severely punished.

Informants were everywhere.  Common, everyday people were trained to snitch on their fellow citizens.  Husbands and wives were even encouraged to rat out their significant other.  Because of this constant culture of policing one another, it leads to lots of distrust between people.


Bart Simpson was much more brutal in Communism.

How Bart Simpson would act in Russian Communism
snapshot via youtube

In this video, Bart Simpsons knocks this kid off of his skateboard and steals his iPhone.

Russian Bart Simpson stealing a kids skateboard
snapshot via youtube

Everybody stole under Russian Communism.  The rich were evil.  If somebody had more than you then they were simply somehow bad.  It’s incredibly accurate how nonchalantly this Russian Bart Simpsons beats this poor kid to the ground to take his belongings.

People got everything that they needed from the state. So people didn’t really have much, to begin with. That is why stealing was so rampant.  If you look at the windows of the school in this image you even see that they have bars on them.  People would always break in and steal. Bars on the windows help deter people from breaking in and stealing stuff.

One of the other reasons for which people stole things was that it was very hard to find things in the market.  There was no respect for school or the workplace.  Eventually, the state would just replace it because they own everything.

Communism Homer Simpsons is even more lazy at work than American Homer

Homer Simpson at his Russian Job
snapshot via youtube

There were a lot of high paying positions that nobody did anything.  The mentality of communism was that everybody needed a job, even if they didn’t do anything.  People would bring alcohol to work, they just didn’t even care. Equipment frequently malfunctioned. Nobody would take care of it.

The Communist State ran all of the businesses. Because of this nobody really cared about what happened. It didn’t produce money and regardless of everything people got the same pay.  It didn’t matter if the business went bankrupt there was no meritocracy. Notice the bars too.

As I stated before. People policed each other.  There was no meritocracy.  The way that one would get ahead was by ratting on his fellow employees. This would help him look better and get a promotion.  Getting a promotion didn’t matter anyway in the end. That is because everybody got the same anyway.

Marge Simpson at the Communist market was much different 

Often times the store managers would argue with the customers.  It was commonplace and it didn’t really matter.  The Customer couldn’t get the clerk fired because they both worked for the government.  There was no customer satisfaction guarantee.  The sentiment was “if you don’t like it, go shop somewhere else.”

There were constant bread lines.  See how there are no products on the wall.  Everything is in disrepair.  This was typical for Communist State-Run supermarkets.

Poor busking Lisa can’t even make a dollar because it is considered subversive capitalism

Simpsons Communism Russian Animation
snapshot via youtube

Liberal business was illegal.  There was a crackdown on anybody making money privately.  Obviously the police wouldn’t support that whatsoever. Private business was Illegal. Productive members of society were subversive.  This was because they could earn more value for their work than the commoner.  Communism tried to make everybody equal.  Wages had to come from the government and only from the government.

State-owned buildings were always tattered and run-down

Everything was run-down.  Buildings had broken windows and were in disrepair. It doesn’t belong to anyone.  Even if there was money to fix it, Russians found themselves having to deal with government bureaucracy. It likely didn’t belong to anybody people just left things as they were.  Nobody cared about what happened to the property, it all belonged to the government anyway.

The Simpson family finale ends in domestic abuse which common under Russian Communism


There is Violence in the family.  This was the only way to let off steam.  Everybody was so depressed with negativity. There were no clubs, discos, hobbies or anything.  People would fight constantly to get the lead out.  It makes it hard to like anybody or enjoy life when you’re in a totalitarian police state.

Seeing this accurate portrayal of life under communism makes me wonder why America and Millenials are so attracted to Socialism.  

In the final analysis, the Simpsons Russian Communism is a brilliant piece of art. It accurately captures the symptoms of living under the Communist regime in Russia. Truly, this art piece is one of the most beautifully frustrating portrayals of life.



Written by Emilie Wasser

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