30 More Bizarre Russian Dating Sites Profile Pictures

Little has changed since our last article: the world is still full of lonely people, most of which are still trying to find love online. The only difference is that this time, we were already prepared for what’s happening on Russian dating sites. And they simply don’t stop, showing us that, contrary to all beliefs, the Russian are a simple, sweet, and caring people, just wanting nothing but to be loved.

So, here are 30 More Bizarre pictures found on Russian Dating Sites. The warning note remains the same: what has been seen, cannot be unseen. Again, proceed at your own discretion…


1) I just found out I’ve been eating watermelons wrong all my life

2) That’s a damn fine table, clearly not one of those cheap IKEA ones

3) She “forgot” to mention she has a child, but fortunately, walls don’t lie

4) The ancient art of the Slav Squatting is not just an awesome skill, but also a way of living. So that’s no shame in using it to pick up girls

5)  Another damn fine piece of furniture, still no IKEA. She’s a real keeper…

6) The big question here is: where the hell is the baby? If there is a baby, of course, and that doesn’t happen to be her real bed…

7) A nice catch! Both of them…

8) She really knows how to get a man

9) Since his cousin died of Malaria during a church trip to Uganda, Dimitri was never the same person again

10) These two are so silly, and so fun! Oh my God, you just can’t stop laughing with them around

11) Showing them hoes how shit’s done

12) At first sight, you may think she’s married, but if you take a closer look you will notice the ring is on her middle finger, which means she’s available

13) You can tell he has money… Too bad he hasn’t enough to buy new pillows

14) What could be sexier than a woman who knows how to properly eat a chorizo? Yes, that’s how the Spanish eat them, google it

15) She’s on a whole new level: candles, a tub, Russian champagne, a perfect night for the perfect date. Oh, and did you notice you can almost see her nipple? Niiiiiice

16) Irina went to Spain for the holidays and now she thinks everything is eaten like that…

17) Olga is very irresponsible… You can see that that blanket in the stairs and high heels is just an accident waiting to happen

18) Not sure if I should swipe right or call the police

19) Nothing beats a warm and relaxing bath with a glace of wine after a day cleaning

20) This nice lady is showing us those pearls are the real deal. She should be careful with gold diggers

21) If you noticed the tiny skull with the hat and the eye-patch you know this girl is really attentive to the details

22) Helga was never the same after watching that Harley Quinn movie

23) There are no words to describe this next picture…

24) Weird-ass-rug-to-hang-on-the-wall-for-no-apparent-reason included

25) This is what is known on the streets as a pussy-magnet

26) She has the money and the looks, so something must be very very wrong with her

27) Don’t know what is worse: the fact that they are doing some sort of picnic on a bathroom or the color of the water

28) A great house, a great car, what else do you want?

29) The Winner of the Second Annual Siberian Sausage Fest

30) What’s the thing with these people and sausages or bananas?


Oh, no no no, this is not over yet…

All images via imgur

Written by Ricky Spanish

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