A Scammer on Facebook Picked The Wrong Woman!

A scammer on Facebook can get one over on just about anybody. They usually prey on the frail and vulnerable people. In some circumstances the results are catastrophic.  In this circumstance, however,  that is not the case. Delores Lola Ochoa is one of the people who fights off the dreaded scammers and in this back and forth you can see.  One day while on facebook she got a message from some random person and this what happened:

scammer of Delores Lola Ocha on the internet Here is an example of what happens on facebook messages.

Potentiality of Scammers is a real thing.

I can’t believe how pushy this facebook scammer is.  He really doesn’t have the warm and friendly kind of demeanor that would make someone want to give him money anyway.  I mean, this scam is just so blatantly false, I guess the guy gets a lot of negative feedback.

Dolores gets one over on the scammer scammer on facebook getting trolled scammer on facebook scammer on facebook again more and more and more scams

  Millions of people every year are scammed by facebook scammers.  Delores Lola Ochoa did her part to fight the good fight against the scammers and for that she deserves our praise.  She is a hero or champion against the great facebook scammers.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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