T.G.I.M (27) Work Related Memes to get your through Your Monday

Thank God its Monday! It’s the day we get to return to the grind!  We herd ourselves like sheep into the eternal rat race we call our lives.  It doesn’t have to be monotonous though.  There can be a deep and fulfilling meaning to it all. What that is though it will take some time to figure out. What options do we have : escape?  get fired? Die? All of the above?

Though for most of us it takes a strong mentality to overcome the grind. We take a devilish enjoyment in the army of business. Money is the fuel that spins the wheels of our lives.  We have plans, we have goals and we have the consistency of work that allows us to plan ahead.  So with that, I say to you T.G.I.M thank god its Monday! Here are 37 memes to keep you sane through the workday.

1) Slip slowly into madness

having taken Triplebytes coding quiz harold awaits multiple job offers

2) Straight from the horse’s mouth

When a customer wants to speak to the manager on monday

3) Impress this

Thank God its Monday

4) My cry place is under my desk

I cry under my desk on monday

5) Only another 4 hours until its 3.5 hours if you don’t include break

Thank god for this meme

6) Only restaurant workers get this one

Thank God it's monday

7) Just get me back to work!! I’m the opposite of this meme.

8) Union boss?

Early to bed late to rise

9) Thank God Its Monday

The working class mantra

10) The beautiful cultural melodies of the Working class on MondayHere is the rickety rickety

11) Get off your high horse.

Thank God its monday

12) Comrade filth monger. Overthrow your boss?

Overthrow the capitalist class??

13) We do it because we have to.

14) This will be what retirement looks like for Millenials

15) And still get paid the same…

16) A little tidbit of information from one of the greatest working-class authors ever.

17)This image of Samwise Gamgee With a Sweet Otter

18) Even Paleontologists skip a little on the job once in a while

19) The ongoing Dialectic between the Capitalist and the Working Class

20) Sleeping-in is one of the privileges of life that you DONT have.

21)  Watch it burn

22) Nobody should be taking reducing Carbon footprint advice from BP

23) This picture sums up consumerism in a nutshell

24) Friday vs Monday

25) The Best Monday meme of them all



Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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