Reading these Facts Made Me See Why Millenials Like Socialism

   Why do Millenials like socialism so much?  I’m alluding of course to these national polls and exit surveys which formally indicate that a staggering 69% of Millenials favor socialism viewpoints.  Another study also found that when Millenials are given the facts about socialism policy, they object to it!  That is the Government ownership over the means of production. They support it but when they know what it is they don’t support it.  So why are Millenials having these cognitive dissident reactions?
  I guess Socialism only makes sense when somebody else is paying for it right? So in this article, I’d like to address the masses of Millenials who find socialism still incredibly appealing.  The question that I want to pose first and foremost is: Why socialism? In this article, I’ll go into some detailed analyses over the matter at hand of why Millennials like socialism.

 First off: What the hell are Millenials?

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      Millennials are a generation born between the ’80s and ’90s.  The Millenial generation really can’t be explained, though.  It’s a phenomenon. Most Millenials were raised by the baby boomer generation.  Look at the roots to figure out the weeds, I guess. See no matter how much they complain, the Boomers themselves are partly to blame for the Millenials.

  genealogy of Millenials

     The boomers are the generation by which the Millenials had to go off of.  It’s hard to beat the growth that the boomers saw in their lifetimes. The Millennials were trying to live it up to the post-war aftermath when America was at its peak. Boomers created such high expectations of class success that it rudimentarily burned that idea forever into the basic worldview.  Imprinted and implanted it.  Not only that, but the boomers also had their own quasi cultural revolution where the symbols of change in the form of the civil rights movements and the Vietnam war.  With Woodstock to watergate, the Millenials had some pretty big cultural shoes to fill.
   So as for what signifies a millennial, its commonly accepted that the Millenials were born in the 80s and ’90s. That’s just a flat out fact. Technically, though, they are generation Y.  But you can call them Millenials or whatever…just be sure to call them by their preferred gender pronoun.  Squirrel toaster.

   The Millennial horror show: the Great Recession Generation

   Millennials saw the birth of the internet age.  The dot com boom and beanie babies.  The ’90s brought the internet which meant a new economy was on the horizon.  For a while, that economy soared on the winds of prosperity into the sails of never-ending cash flow.  Or so they’d thought.              As providence would have it nothing could stop the Millenials from what was about to become of them.  Things all slowed down when in 2008 the sub-prime mortgage debacle completely burst the middle-class biosphere.  Entire families were evicted from their homes.  The great recession became a reality for the Millenials just as they got out of college.
    The entire system had seemed to reset on them.  The middle-class bubble had exploded and set back the entire system altogether.  Millennials are accustom to little league sporting events where everyone receives a trophy. In this new economy, however, not everyone is a winner.  Reality hit hard.
    Now that their beloved University degrees were nothing more than paper and their job prospects had completely vanished the future looked grim.  To this day the Millenials are still recovering from the devastation wrought upon them by the 2008 sub-prime mortgage catastrophe.

After reading this it will make sense why Millenials like socialism

   In a recent study Harris Poll by Axios Millenials like socialism.  The Millenials all polled agreed in an overwhelming majority that the government should provide universal healthcare, government tuition-free college, and many other policies in socialism. They also supported abolishing ICE and thought that the Government should allow private insurance. In fact, 49.6 % said they’d prefer to live in a socialist country despite never having lived in a socialist country.  So why is that? Here are a few reasons why I think so…

Pro-Socialism Politicians

I think that this new wave of far left-leaning politicians is somewhat culpable for this new upsurge of ideologues. These politicians swooped in to capture the minds of the Millenials and promise things like free healthcare, student debt exoneration and open borders in a glorious utopia world for all to live in harmony.  I’m more specifically alluding to leaders like Bernie Sanders.

Love him or hate him Bernie Sanders has definitely brought socialism to the front of the conversational landscape.  I mean Sanders per se is a Social Democrat.  He’s not entirely commie, but he’s up there.  Social democracy, however, is more like soft socialism, it leaves plenty of room for the capitalist economy to thrive. For some reason, Bernie could jive with the millennials.

Millennials think Socialism will let them make the difference they want (as opposed to capitalism)

It’s a desire to make a difference and the fantasy of Revolution. Every generation wants to make its mark.  From the greatest generation of WWII to the baby boomers everybody wants to have their “thing”. It could be that Millenials see socialism as a vessel of their generation’s great revolution. Socialism is a low hanging idea to shift to. I mean they don’t have to go about doing the dignity of setting up a large structured manifesto.  It’s all already there for them.  The Millenials are notorious for jumping on bandwagons.

Living with mom and dad got them used to the freeloading lifestyle

Millennials live with their parents. According to a poll by the beloved real-estate website Zillow,  Millenials live with their parents more than any other generation in this century.  The number of adults between ages 23 and 37 living with their parents has steadily increased over the last decade.  It’s not, however, that Millenials are lazy. It’s just that home prices have been skyrocketing and wages have been stagnant.  Millennials are having a tough time getting to the same place that their parents were at decades ago.
  What I think is that maybe there is a little bit of resentment on their part per se. Millennials confront social norms that pressure the intensity of adulthood as along with things like: independence, self-sustaining, building a family, etc.  Being forced back into the home because of unfavorable economic conditions has left the Millenials feeling broken, or less able than their previous generations.

The Fyre festival social media sensationalism mentality

 Socialism is like the social-economical cultural equivalent of the Fyre Festival. Millennials are influenced mainly by social media and highly viral and impressionable content. The Fyre festival a fraudulent “luxury music festival” founded by the scumbag Billy McFarland, and degenerate D list rapper Ja Rule. It was initially created with the intent of promoting the company’s Fyre app for booking music talent.
  The festival set to happen in the Bahamas and was advertised as being this exotic branded experience, where concert-goers would be able to stay in upper-class cabanas on the beach.  Sadly though, on the day of the festival, it became more and more apparent that the entire thing was a scam. The enterprises had exploited the impressionability of social media Millenials. It turned out to be a complete fraud. Socialism its the same thing. It is a hype that it is far more tantalizing than the actual thing.

Millennials are living through the actual deterioration of the working class

 This one is the big kicker. I can kind of understand their pain on this one point. Millennials often get the blame for killing off markets.  From what was first thought of them is not spending any money it turned out that they had no money to spend at all.
   In a study by Christopher Kurz, Geng Li and Daniel J. Vine found that Millenials are way less financially well-off than earlier generations.  “Lower earnings, fewer assets and less wealth. It took into account spending, income, debt, net worth and demographics to factor in among the varying matrices of the generation’s greatness.  what they found was  Millenials were badly struck by the great recession of 2008.
    Millennials enter the labor force but the economy got a kick in the balls.  When the analysts took into account the amount of debt compared to previous generations they’d found that Millenials had extreme red zone levels of debt.
    According to the Millenials are living through the new gilded age of income inequality. The income of the top 1 percent grew faster than the incomes of the bottom 99 percent.  Wages are flatlining while the standard of living continues to skyrocket.
   Despite all of this, Socialism is still a very bad idea. The socialist countries have all been major failures. Soviet Russia collapsed back in the ’90s due to an unsustainable economic structure. Not to mention that all surviving socialist countries are harsh authoritarian dictatorships. I’m talking about Cuba, North Korea, and China where people are just subjects to the authoritarian rule of a single-party system.

What is socialism really like?

     In socialism access to information is highly limited.  Nobody can have free thought and nobody can criticize the regime either. The world descends into a chaotic mass delusional cult. There is only the dictator and the party. It is the loudest silence that you’ll ever hear.
    On top of all this socialism was responsible for the worst anti-human atrocities inflicted of the 20th century. The worst horrors in history were perpetrated in the name of socialism. From the National SOCIALISTS in Germany where 12 million people were liquidated in camps to the implementation of Stalinism in Russia where countless millions were starved, shot or sent to the labor camps.
     Socialism seems to have a 100% potential to backfire in on itself.  I don’t think that Millenials for some reason have been born into this most ignorant form of 20th-century amnesia. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that Millenials have it bad, we understand that but steer clear of socialism. If you want to know of other alternatives stay tuned and watch for some solutions that come from this channel. Go to . If your watching this video in the future click on one the boxes around here that will send you to another video on this channel.

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