11 Best Jobs for a Good Workout

 The Dangers of an Office Job: Be warned

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Office jobs are not a good workout.  In fact, they are the silent killer of America. It may appear at first glance that sitting in a cushy chair and working in temperature-controlled conditions isn’t dangerous, but this is actually completely wrong. Most office jobs expect the employee to work an 8+ hour shift seated. Sitting too long slows the blood circulation to important muscles, which causes muscular disorders. If the worker isn’t practicing proper posture, they are risking early arthritis and irreparable spinal damage. Even the positioning of their wrists can risk the development of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and permanent nerve damage from the fingers to the arm.

 The US Environmental Protection Agency coined the term “Sick building syndrome” when studies showed that recirculated air can be close to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. A concoction of hazardous molds, toxins, and bacteria will culminate in unclean office spaces, and this congests the lungs. 

It goes without saying that office jobs can also have a negative impact on an employee’s mental health. Long, uninterrupted hours of confinement may push depression, anxiety, and insomnia onto the worker. Fluorescent lighting, as opposed to natural sunlight, can induce chronic migraines and mess up the biological clock. Copious study cases have proved the dangers of office jobs to 86% of American workers’ health.

Here are the 11 best jobs for a good workout alternative to a clerical profession.


Running waiter workout

With an astounding average of 22,778 steps a day, waiters and waitresses are one of the most physically active workers in the restaurant industry. Working in a restaurant can be a high-stress experience because it is usually fast-paced to satisfy the consumer. They are also lifting burdensome trays onto shoulders, carrying hefty bus dishes to the back dish room, and helping out in the kitchen as it is seen fit. Altogether, a regular shift for a server can rejuvenate the leg, arm, and core muscles.  It’s one of those jobs that’s a real workout.  

Personal trainers

Jobs that are a workout
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It goes without saying that personal trainers are one of the most physically active jobs there is to have.  They are right up there with professional athletes and construction workers.

   Being a personal trainer encompasses all of the necessary movements with a job workout. They aim to keep their customers’ mentality in a great place and their bodies in even better shape. Each one has a carefully tailored routine that most likely begins with a very important exercise: stretching. This is important to know because, at an office job [a less physical-centric job?], you might do well to learn some stretching exercises to keep any parts of your body from cramping and losing blood flow. 


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When you picture your favorite high school teacher, are they sitting or standing? Most of the time, they’re standing front and center of the classroom.

  On average, teachers work over 40 hours a week. The understaffed crisis most schools are facing today demand that teachers work more unpaid overtime than staff in any other industry. A study from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) reported that the average amount of underpaid overtime a teacher works is 12.5 hours per week.

   It may be true that standing and walking for lengthy periods of time are a teacher’s main physical outlet, but it keeps the muscles activated and the blood circulating. Most importantly, teaching involves caring for the education and well being of our posterity, as well as pushing them to be more active in a world that is becoming increasingly docile.

Dog walkers

dog worker jobs
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Dog walking is exactly what it sounds like, but it’s also a bit more than that. Yes, they walk dogs, but they also play fetch, wrestle with toys, and may even go on jogs with some of their clients’ favorite furry friends. This is an easy, flexible gig that is mutually beneficial for a dog walker’s health and the dogs they care for. One study shows that going on a 30-minute walk, three times a week, can reduce a dog’s weight by 15%. Walking and general playing is a great option for overfed pets. It also helps to let the dog know that they are loved by their owner, and in that way increases their mood and social attitude.


Chosen Juan on the job
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Landscaping entails duties such as planting and cultivating vegetation, maintaining lawn etiquette, and even installing hardscape features such as walkways or fountains. This is the perfect opportunity for landscapers to get their daily dose of sunlight and fresh air. And, there’s something about working with the environment that completely deflates stress levels in a person.

   Studies based on gardeners have shown that simply being in nature releases endorphins that reduce rates of stress, depression, and anxiety. However, compared to gardeners, landscapers work longer under the sun. This vitamin D influx boosts their calcium and in turn, their immunity levels. It’s easy to see that landscaping keeps you, as well as the Earth, green.


If you’ve ever had an issue with your car, then you’ve probably taken it to be fixed by an auto mechanic. These workers have a number of duties, some of which include routine inspections, operating heavy machinery, and repairing dysfunctional car parts. Especially when it comes to restoring an automobile to its former conditions. Mechanics definitely get a good workout at their jobs. This profession includes a lot of movements that can strengthen and tone the upper arms.


  Nurses come second to waiters and waitresses with a remarkable average of 16,390 steps taken each day. These brisk walks through long hospital corridors do more for nurses than can be seen on the surface level. Sure, it burns calories and strengthens the leg muscles, but more importantly, walking maintains good immunity levels.

   In a hospital environment, walking can be one of the greatest defenses against illness, which is imperative for the staff. However, this still does not stop the risk of some of them contracting a sickness. At a certain point of contraction, a person depends on their immune system to combat whatever illness may be trying to take over. By walking, nurses can boost their immunity to external illnesses, as well as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. 

Construction workers

Construction worker on the job
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Construction workers seem to have the benefits of both a personal trainer and a landscaper. Their work is mostly done in outdoor areas, and they’re constantly on the move. A study says that construction workers work a rough average of 40 hours per week. They stay active for most of their shift, whether it’s from hoisting clunky equipment to removing risky debris. This may call for a massive amount of exertion that not everyone is able or willing to dish out. However, construction workers reap the benefits of their job and ensure that their bodies are in tip-top shape for the next arduous shift.

Professional athletes

Tom Brady hard at work
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Professional athletes stay active. Their job is to push themselves to the limit for the billions of viewers that enjoy watching sports. They do this by following a specific path of diet and exercise according to their pastime and personal limits.

   The first thing this career demands is impeccable well-being. Coaches, personal trainers, or even some basic research can help them determine the right meal plan for themselves. Mostly, these meals include a lot of carbohydrates from wheat, proteins from meat, eggs, and dairy, and vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

   Their next step is to set and maintain a workout routine constructed on the basis of their sport. For example, if they are a track and field competitor, they might choose to work more on their leg muscles than anything else. Regardless of how they decide what is best for them, it is important that they sustain a healthy mind and body, just like in any other profession. 


Believe it or not, postmen get their fair share of exercise, too. They are constantly moving: standing to sit. , walking to and from the mailbox, and stepping back into their vehicle is perfect for a good leg workout. Postmen made to carry heavy packages also put a healthy strain on the upper arms. There are other deliveries and docking jobs that can be more strenuous, but this is still a great alternative to any office job.

Day laborers

Day laborers are considered the jack-of-all-trades in laborious work. This does not mean that they are always treated fairly. More often than not, day laborers experience issues with denied payment from independent employers. They do not always know if they will be able to work the next day since their positions are contingent. And, in some cases, they may endure hazardous onsite conditions because of employer negligence. However, these work conditions are not without their health benefits. They offer a different workout day to day, combining the physical routines of several diverse professions.


Written by Khalila Sherrod

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