The Best San Diego Speakeasy: Our Favorite Hidden Bars in California

The Dick visits a San Diego Speakeasy. To be quite honest really I had no idea what a speakeasy was until the Dick laid it all on me. In this podcast the dick keeps us riveted with his nights of alcohol-based shenanigans.

Speakeasy Lore & History

Before I get into San Diego Speakyeasy discussions you should know what a speakeasy is. So I guess during the prohibition era people would design secret rooms in order to drink or whatnot. They’d hide up there and get sloshed. It was like Anne Frank for alcoholics. I mean these were desperate times and evasion tactics were essential to alluding the law.

List of our San Diego Speakeasy locations

I’m not saying that the dick was really evading the law per se. Today in post-prohibition the Sandiego speakeasy scene is not as stressed about the law busting in. Although there is still a level of incognito that goes about and comes with the territory.

1)Raised by Wolves:

San Diego Speakeasy
Johnny Pham Photography

Great place to go and hang out with friends.  They have an amazing cocktail menu.  It’s huge.  Everything we tried there was delicious.  If you love bourbon cocktails then you should try Port Light and the other one that is similar which is called “steady starboard.”   You should book your reservations in advance because it gets super busy.

2) Bar Moxy

Image by Alex Perez

It’s set in a hotel which is cool.  We didn’t use the hotel however, we just went directly to the speakeasy bar.  I get the hotel ambience. Room 56 was also really cool.


Check out the entire podcast here:


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