The 45 Worst Parents On The Internet

No one said that being a parent was going to be easy. It is, probably, one of the hardest jobs in the world. Most people succeed at it, (and some even enjoy it and couldn’t be happier!). But that’s not the case with the next parents. Here are the 45 worst parents found on the internet.

1) Worst Family Photo Awards – first prize (Or: the face of a ruined future)

2) Who cares about safety (or the weather), when you’re late to watch the game?

3) Technologic Mom of The Year Awards – first prize (Or: an accident waiting to happen)

4) Why do you need a laptop cooler when you have a really soft baby at hand?

5) When air pollution is the big problem that it is today, your child’s safety has to be your top priority – well-done mom!

6) What better way to practice knife-throwing than with your 3-year-old child?

7) If your child isn’t old enough to enter a betting shop, the sensible thing to do is to leave him outside. That’s called “responsible parenting”.

8) Why do you need a shopping cart when you have your child’s trolley?

9) I’m sure your kid wasn’t expecting this when you asked him what his favorite animal was and he said “bear”

10) Best Mom Selfie of the Year Awards – first prize (Or: how to turn going shopping with mom into several years worth of therapy)

11) This gives a whole new meaning to “helping your mom in the kitchen”

12) Because it would be rude to go check cousin Jenny in her new job without taking the whole family with you

13) I’m sure when she asked for a tattoo, she meant those temporary fake ones

14) When you’re at a music festival and you forget you took your kid with you

15) Her first beer bong was with her dad, how sweet

16) “Because you paid good money for that hamburger, right Gary?”

17) When you keep forgeting you’re taking pictures with your son’s camera

18) Worst Animal Parents of the Year Awards – first prize (Or: “I’m damn sure you left home with five Julia!”)

19) Why taking a family photo after a water birth is a really bad idea

20) Your kid’s first Halloween is something to remember

21) The question is: What if she took another cart by mistake?

22) When you haven’t enough money for a sidecar

23) At least she has a helmet – safety first!

24) “That’s not what people meant when they said you should go out more, Helen!”

25) When you can’t find your phone anywhere

26) Father-and-son bonding time: what best than to take your kid to workout with you?

27) “And that’s how little Patel learned what a crocodile is…”

28) No, that’s not chocolate

29) Technically, I think that counts as a “walk with the kid” right?

30) I hope that’s decaf on that cup – we don’t want anything bad happening to the baby

31) Completely functional grill-shaped baby-crib – how awesome is that?

32) Parenting 101: When you have guests shut the kids in a crate, that way they won’t be annoying or messing around the house

33) This proves that, sometimes, illiterate people can be the best parents, how loving is this father? Stop discrimination

34) Why spend money on a baby trolley when you have grocery bags?

35) This woman had loads of likes on her new insta-story, she’s very lucky

36) It’s really nice to see little Jimmy so happy after he got his favorite animal on his birthday!

37) This unlucky mom was in the middle of an important work call when disaster hit. We can see she is very professional, I hope she didn’t get fired, poor girl

38) If you’re so poor that your kid has to shower with your pet snake in order to save money, maybe you shouldn’t have had it in the first place. I mean, the kid not the snake, poor thing

39) Why do you need a luggage cart when you spent so much money on that baby trolley?

40) “I get it, Karen, you’re starting to ride your kid to school so you can get a healthier lifestyle. Well done, really! But don’t you think you should’ve bought a bigger bike?”

41) When you see this kid’s face around his dad’s “medical props”, you know you will give a great doctor

42) I’m, honestly, more concerned about that wierd animal than the pink riffle really

43) Don’t know if this is bad parenting, or if this dad is living in the year 3019

44) “Take your kids to work” day is always really exciting

45) “You weren’t joking when you said you were going to send the best Christmas card ever, Tony!”


Needless to say that we here at The Cult Machine, do not aprove any of this.

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Written by Ricky Spanish

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