Man ‘Stumbles’ Across Shipwreck in North Carolina


A Man stumbled across a shipwreck in North Carolina after a recent storm uncovered broken fragments.

Charlie Hornfeck posted these images to his Facebook feed while he was out walking his dog along the beach at Hatteras, North Carolina. He wanted to see the damage that the storm had caused and found this amazing gem partially uncovered beneath the sand.

According to what Charlie told CNN it was about 20 feet long.  The place is known as the ‘Outer Banks.’  It is also  notoriously nicknamed “The Graveyard of the Atlantic.
  A few days later it was once again buried beneath the earth.   Luckily, though, he had already pasted the pictures to facebook. Disappeared & vanished almost as fast as it had shown up.

Wreckage of Black Beards Ship the Queen Annes Revenge
Charlie Hornfeck Facebook/The Wreck Tiki Bar
However, while the ship was exposed one could still see the old wood planking.  Giant Wrought Iron rivets were jutting out of the stems of the ship like porcupine quills.  It was a challenging and confusing site for any non-Carolinian.  Yet because of Charlie’s knowledge of the given history of the area, he knew right away what he was seeing.

Pirate ships in the Graveyard have been an ongoing part of the lore. Back in 1996, a cluster of wreckage was also found off the coast a few miles South of where Charlie had found his wrecked ship.  The ship that had been found was later determined to be “The Queen Annes Revenge” which belonged to the infamous black beard.

  Are these the remnants of a Pirate attack?  What do you think about this Shipwreck in North Carolina?

Could this be the shipwreck of one of Black Beards victims?  I mean this shipwreck was found right smack dab in the middle of pirates alley none the less. There was known pirate activity going on for decades in those parts of the country at the time.

Shipwreck north carolina
Charlie Hornfeck Facebook

This massive shipwreck still lies buried, beneath the sand with its hidden secrets.

Charlie Hornfeck Facebook

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