The First All-Woman Space Walk is One Giant Leap for Woman-Kind

For the first time ever an all-woman spacewalk took place outside of the International Space Station. NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch made this historic spacewalk last Friday.  While the two were floating thousands of miles above the Earth, President Donald Trump chimed in with his own comments. The result was all around confusion.

Jessica Meir received a call from the president as she was working on the exterior of the International Space Station’s with Koch. By that time the all-woman space walk had been outside working for five hours. Needless to say the two were exhausted.

The Trump ‘Misunderstanding’ of the All-Woman Space Walk

Trump chimed in on a live stream by saying “We’re thrilled to be speaking live with two brave American astronauts who are making history and joining us during their spacewalk,” The President was accompanied by his daughter Ivanka Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine.

The interaction turned out to be very confusing to the two women.  Trump announced the event as “the first time for a woman to be outside of the space station.” He also said that “it was the first-ever female spacewalk.” This, however, is not the first ever all-woman spacewalk.

There are multiple instances of women who have been on space walks.  Svetlana Savitskaya (Russian Cosmonaut) was the first woman to have ever conducted a spacewalk back in 1984.  As for Koch and Meir, however, they are the first ever all-woman crew to perform a spacewalk.

After the embarrassing blunder Meir clarified to say, “First of all, we don’t want to take too much credit because there have been many other female spacewalkers before us,” she said.  “This is just the first time there have been two women outside at the same time.”

“For us, this is really just us doing our jobs,” Meir said. “We were the crew that was tasked with this assignment. At the same time, we recognize that it is a historic achievement and we do of course want to give credit to all those who came before us. There have been a long line of female scientists, explorers, engineers, and astronauts, and we have followed in their footsteps to get us where we are today.”

Ever since Trump announced his “Space Force” NASA and space exploration (for military strategy) has become a common part in his Presidential platform.  This new historical moment of an all-woman spacewalk has opened the way for the idea of all woman manned mission to the moon or maybe even the first all woman moon mission hoax.  

Written by Emilie Wasser

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