65 Photos That Prove We Are Living In The Matrix

There’s a theory around that suggests we live in some sort of simulation. That the universe, and everything contained in it, is part of some advanced entities’ experiment, and it can be compared to a computer game. Do you remember playing Sims? Well, yeah, scientists say that we can be the characters of some improved version of the game. Here are 65 photos that may prove we are living in the matrix. (Not to be confused with the movie featuring our beloved, and time-traveler, Keanu Reeves.Yeah, ok it’s kind of the same concept, but different. But the same. Our simulation doesn’t have some cool guys in leather suits and sunglasses practicing parkour and some weird gymnastic exercises involving bullets. I think…)

1) This weird glitch in the form of a stupid-ass trailer

2) The woman in the back is looking that happy because she feels she made the right decision in not having kids

3) These two women wearing the same ugly coat

4) The trees were still rendering when this picture was taken

5) These two men receiving the exact same text message at the same time

6) Two bald guys wearing the same exact outfit (the one on the front is wearing flip-flops and that shows us he is really cool and relaxed)

7) If you look closely, you will clearly see two men on the back wearing the same blue-shirt, weirdly staring at each other

8) Three red cars waiting in a line, what are the odds? Exactly – it’s not very common!

9) Two men avoiding eye contact with the other users of the bus, exactly in the same way

10) These two cats that almost definitely prove we live in the Matrix. If only they were black…

11) The woman on the right is very responsible. She is keeping the receipt, in case she wants to return what she has just bought

12) A glitch in the mirror, which not only made her reflection behave differently but also changed her appearence and skin color

13) The same colored pick up truck parked on different sides of the road. One of them is parked over the sidewalk, which can put the owner in troubles with the law

14) Two bald guys dressed the same, writing some stuff on a piece of paper over a bench

15) The woman in the middle is very tired. I hope she doesn’t miss her stop

16) Not sure if it’s a glitch in the matrix or two very old twins who still do that lame twin-thing of dressing alike

17) This looks like the world’s most boring race. The man in the back is losing

18) They put a seat in the seat, so you can sit while you sit

19) A glitch in the matrix, or some people going to a Slash-look-alike convention?

20) A glitch in the matrix, or three lumberjacks on the lunch break?

21) The real glitch here is the way this man writes “fun”

22) Don’t do drugs, kids!

23) Bug found in the simulation (haters will say it’s just an art installment)

24) If you look closely you will see three blonde women, dressed in a leather jacket and blue jeans

25) The real glitch here is the woman on the back using two purses

26) The next big thing: twin-double-dating

27) I like how she’s more interested in her beer than in the Zach Efrons over there

28) The car on the right has a “W” in its plate, which probably means something

29) Some guys coming from a Limp Bizkit concert

30) Two guys reading the newspaper, what are the odds?

31) Two bald men riding some weird-ass bus or something

32) The real question here is: what was there first?

33) The lady in the back must be very upset because the other lady’s shirt is so much nicer

34) Is this some kind of new trend? I bet is something sexual

35) These women, who have never met before, are both ordering something at fast-food restaurants in the mall

36) When is this lame twin-thing going to stop?

37) Real-life Agent Smiths

38) This building is still rendering, or it was built for very thin people

39) Queen: Thank You For Giving To Gosh

40) These two dudes fell asleep at the exact same time on the exact same subway. Coincidence? I don’t think so…

41) I think the real glitch here is that someone still rents dvds

42) Weirdest crossover in the history of crossovers

43) The one in the front is clearly better looking

44) The “III National Bald-Guys-Over-35-Who-Don’t-Own-A-Car Day” was a success

45) These men weren’t able to attend the “III National Bald-Guys-Over-35-Who-Don’t-Own-A-Car Day” celebrations

46) The logic explanation here is that this person wasn’t aware of the red-or-black van rental stand across the street

47) A rare picture of the brilliant minds behind the “National Bald-Guys-Over-35-Who-Don’t-Own-A-Car Day”

48) Can somebody please tell them that’s not how swing works?

49) Straight-out-of-an-80s-movie twins jogging

50) The photo-gender-swap app taken to the next level

51) It’s really sad seeing two siblings fighting

52) This woman loves the subway very much, can’t you tell?

53) As you’ve probably noticed by now, the majority of glitches happen in public-transports

54) I’m sure that if this cat was able to think rationally he would be all like – “heyyy wtf?” But he’s just a regular cat

55) I don’t know if you got it, but this guy is playing for both teams, and still watching it from the grandstand

56) The glitch here is the fact that these guys are great citizens because, even though they’re very tired, they don’t sit on the priority seats

57) Target’s Winter Collection Item 3556 – Grandmother Jacket

58) Don’t do drugs kids, especially when you’re designing your next building!

59) Real-life Agent Smiths spotted again

60) You know you’ve hit rock-bottom when the only other person watching your grandson’s game is dressed exactly like you…

61) Whatever it is that the guys on the left are looking at, the others couldn’t care less

62) They forgot to build the rest of the building. I bet that high-as-a-kite-architect had something to do with this

63) Candy Crush is really addictive. Not as much as using red swimming shorts to school though

64) Another fine example of couples who are still trying to figure out how swinging works

65) If this was in London, they could be mistaken for a bus


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Written by Ricky Spanish

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