These Environmentally-Friendly Gifts Can Help Save The Planet

We all agree that it’s important to be environmentally-friendly.  Carbon pollution is destroying the environment.  If you want to do your part to help save the world check out these nifty environmentally-friendly gift ideas.

1) Reusable metal straws can be cleaned and reused and cleaned again.   Stop using those one-use plastic straws for good.

Environmentally Friendly

Review: I have grown tired of seeing junk tossed on our roadways and in our rivers and oceans. It’s crazy the amount of refuse that is discarded on a daily basis in our dumpsites. A lot of restaurants and bars are trying to stop using straws; however, many of us still like to use straws. Therefore, I found the idea of straws that could be reused appealing.

These items are well made and have a nice little pouch so that they can be easily stored in my purse. The pouch includes a brush in order to clean them after use. Hopefully, it will be something that will catch on and rid our planet of unnecessary discards.

-Kelly Guess

Buy it Here: $8.50      

2) Free up your paper towel usage by getting these environmentally-friendly paperless microfiber hand towel. 

Review: I’ve been a big fan of microfiber cloths for years, but they are notoriously cheaply made. I used to get them from QVC, but the quality of those has gone downhill so I came to the magnificent Amazon to search for better ones. These are the best I have used. The edges don’t curl up, and they are a bit thicker than any of the others I’ve had. They’re great for facial cleansing and I also use them in the shower because they lightly exfoliate. Of course, they’re great for cleaning the house and auto, as dust clings to the cloth, and they don’t leave streaks on windows, but I only use my old ones for those purposes now. I will definitely buy these again!!

-D. Schmidt

Get It Here: $9.34

3) Cult Machine Friendly Eco-Friend Reusable bag from the Cult Machine

When I bought this machine back I was really being a Debby downer on the environment.  Now that I’ve bought my Cult-Mac machine reusable bag I’ve gotten myself righteous with the Gods of the environment.  Thanks, Cult Machine for helping me to become one with the universe with your spiritually enlightened bag.

-Burrito Mussolini

Get it Here: $15.26

4) End the landfill with these eco-friendly Reusable Silicone Wraps 

Food wrap to help the environment

Review: This cling wrap is so neat! I was originally looking at beeswax wraps as an alternative to plastic wrap and came across this. This is even better because it has multiple uses including baking, which means it can replace foil as well. It is a pain to find a way to set it out to allow to dry after washing and is difficult to get back on the plastic sheet for storage, as there is no extra space around the edge of the plastic, plus the cling wrap likes to stick together. But, I expected those issues and I’m willing to deal with them in order to replace plastic wrap. Oh, and the fact that this came in a roll so I could cut to size was a huge plus!


Get it here: $12.97

5) Reduce the use of ozone-destroying cow farts by cutting back on beef.  Instead, try an easier environmentally-friendly, protein-rich livestock like Roasted Crickets 

Review:  I’ve watched a TED talk or two, had a co-worker that said he’s invested in a startup company making snack bars with cricket flour and googled several videos on eating insects. Finally, I decided to jump in and try it. It worked, and this company’s product seemed the most sane buying option after window shopping my Amazon options.

I like it. It’ll never be the main course, but it is a valuable addition to 15 bean soup and my fried chicken salads I buy at work. If you think your nutritional profile is missing a little something-something that you just quite can’t get a handle on, this may be it.

As a standard Westerner (dietary-wise), it took a little to get past the cultural programming. At first I thought I’d wasted my money. I’m not going to lie, there was a period of “OMG! That doesn’t taste exactly like what I’m accustomed to after 51 years of eating! Foreign! Gross! This is something a 5y.o. a kid would eat that doesn’t know any better, what am I doing?!”

But the objective side of me afterward was more: but it didn’t *actually* taste bad. Earthy/nutty are commonly used descriptors, and I agree. Crickets don’t taste like chicken, crickets taste like crickets, and it’s a rich flavor all on its own. There’s no direct analog, at least if you’re a standard Westerner like me that’s never eaten bugs in your life. It might taste like other bugs, for all I know at this time.

My turning point was at work, I’d taken the bag in to talk to friends about it, and told them it was a waste of money. I’d poured a palm-full out, ate one and finally said no! After eating maybe 10 total before then. And I threw the palm-full in the trash with the intent to also throw the 1/2lb bag out as an experiment that failed. But a corner of my mind thought “you just threw away something valuable”. Not money-wise, but valuable. And that was a turning point.

I gradually have become a real fan. I think they add a good type of variety to your diet that is lacking in Western society purely due to cultural programming. They do not taste bad at all, it is truly in your head – at least for me, it was. They actually do make a tasty addition to other dishes, that is most likely a healthy addition, too.


Get it here: $25.95

6) 500 Ways to Save the Planet with this Environmentally-Friendly book

Review: I loved the book I bought three copies, one for myself and two for older friends. You are never too old to save the plant. I plan on looking for more writings from this author.

-Lorie A. Carr

Buy it here at $10.45

7) Check out this in-depth guide to going Plastic-free

Review: In the Pacific Ocean between America and Japan floats the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area somewhere in size between the state of Texas and twice the size of the continental United States. Couple that with the fact that the average American generates between 88 and 120 pounds of plastic waste per year, and we begin to understand the problem as well as our responsibility to reduce the impact of plastic consumption. Even if you don’t feel it is your job to reduce plastic waste, learning of the lethal chemicals in plastic may help to change your thought process.

The author understands that reducing your waste is not an overnight feat. It takes time, and she walks you through the different areas where you can personally make an impact. Personally, I have not achieved the level of success as Ms. Terry, but no matter. Regular referral to her book helps to identify the next area where I can eliminate plastic, and I feel good making progress even if it is little by little.

This book is an eye-opener as well as a guide on how you can follow in the author’s footsteps and do your part to reduce your personal waste. Five stars.

– Dee Arr

Get it here: $15.73

8) Environmentally-friendly biodegradable doggie poop bags. 

Review: We have a German shepherd puppy that poops – a lot. These bags are perfect. Good size. Durable and biodegradable. 600 count is good as I doubt the puppers is going to stop pooping any time soon. I know the neighbors are glad we clean up promptly and the included dispenser is super handy – clips right onto the leash or belt loops.

-Garden Girl

Get it here: $10.99

9) Get the all-natural Bamboo Toothbrush

Review: They work just as good as a regular soft bristle tooth brush to me. If you are buying them for everyone in your house write your names on them or something because they are not numbered. Just make sure that you properly wet the brush before you use it (don’t use the brush dry with just toothpaste); I ended up hurting the sides of my mouth when I did. I am definitely buying these again!


Get them here: $4.99

10) 100% Plastic-free produce bags

Review: This product made me so happy when I found it on Amazon. A set of completely plastic-free produce bags, with plastic-free shipping. The product is great quality, looks very nice, and is durable. I can wash it easily by throwing it in the wash & dryer, or I can hand wash it. You also get your money’s worth with the amount of bags + the variety of bags. Love the bamboo closures, such a great alternative to the plastic closures I can see on other products. Helps keep your bag enclosed, without the plastic waste. Love this product so much & commend the company for the zero waste shipping. Hope to see more companies following suit!


Get it here: $24.99

Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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