37 Time-Travel Celebrities Who Just Want To Be Like Keanu Reeves

If you’re an internet addict like ourselves here in The Cult, or a big movie buff, I’m sure you know who Keanu Reeves is. Yes, that Keanu Reeves, Mr. Neo, Mr. Wick, motorcycle fanatic, public transportation user and well-known time-traveler. Some people still insist he is a simple vampire. Or that he’s immortal. That’s just batshit crazy! The guy is just a normal, and humble (like always) time-traveler who just wants to be left alone! How does he do it? I don’t know, I’m no scientist. Why does he do it? I’ve no clue, but I’m sure it is for some really cool and humble reason. By the way, have you ever heard about the other time-travel celebrities?

The thing is: this time-traveling stuff is kind of becoming like a trend in Hollywood, and everyone is doing it. Time-travel celebrities are a huge thing now!

Here is a list of time-travel celebrities who let themselves be captured on camera. And they let that happen just so the world can see that Keanu Reeves is not that special after all. My God, how ridiculous (and wrong) they all are…

1) Keanu Reeves, the original time-traveler, painted when he was impersonating a French actor called Paul Mounet

2) Sylvester Stallone caught in the background of a painting of Pope Gregory IX

3) Justin Timberlake, trying to pass as an old miner from Liverpool

4) Robin Williams, disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire, posing as someone’s Great Grandmother

5) Bruce Willis, impersonating an American Five-Star General and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army

6) Elijah Wood, disguised as a Bedouin woman circa 1900

7) Dave Franco, posing as someone’s uncle

8) Zach Galifianakis, captured after he launched his brand Louis Vuitton

9) Conan O’Brien, posing as a Union Army Soldier

10) Eddie Murphy captured as a very classy gentleman

11) Jennifer Lawrence when she impersonated, for a brief time, an Egyptian Actress by the name of Zubaida Tharwat

12) Jay-Z caught on camera in Harlem in 1939

13) Nicolas cage picture, taken in Tennesse in 1870

14) Matthew McConaughey, posing as someone’s Great Great Grandfather

15) Eminem, disguised as a Canadian Professor of Political Economy

16) Anthony Hopkins’s bust made in Ancient Greece, where he was known by the name of Socrates

17) Daniel Radcliffe and Andy Samberg, in disguise in the ’70s

18) John Travolta’s picture taken circa 1860

19) Leonardo Dicaprio, posing as a young woman named Judy Zipper in the 1960s

20) Robbie Williams, that time he was a murderer known as Jesse Pomeroy

21) Johnny Depp, disguised as someone’s Great Grandfather

22) Jack Black, impersonating an American Silversmith and A Patriot in the American Revolution

23) Mark Zuckerberg, painted as Philip IV, King of Spain

24) Michael Jackson, depicted in an ancient Egyptian bust

25) Matthew Perry, impersonating Vice President of The United States John C. Breckinridge

26) Steve Martin, in disguise, posing as someone’s Great Great Grandmother

27) Jimmy Kimmel, also in disguise, posing as someone’s Great Grandmother

28) Peter Dinklage, painted when he was impersonating Spanish painter Diego Velazquez

29) Alec Baldwin, disguised as The 13th President of The United States Millard Fillmore

30) Michael Jackson caught again in a painting by Barent Fabritius

31) Ryan Gosling, posing as someone’s Grandfather

32) Jack Gleeson’s bust made in ancient Rome, where he was known by the name of Emperor Caligula

33) Orlando Bloom, disguised as one of the founders of modern Romanian painting

34) Jimmy Fallon, captured when he impersonated Revolutionary Leader Mahir Cayan

35) Ellen Degeneres, disguised as American Essayist Henry David Thoreau

36) Liam Neeson caught trying to impersonate Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro

37) Jason Segel caught impersonating an actor by the name of Lee J. Cobb


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Written by Ricky Spanish

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