10 Useful Pocket Sized Products To Manage Stress At Work


It’s Monday. The effects of the weekend have warn off and you’re ready to take on the work week.  Well, not quite.  79% of people hate where they work. This causes a lot of built up stress and anger.  Luckily there are some useful pocket sized products out there to help you manage stress at work.

1) No chime Chinese Health Balls to bring ancient healing practices to work

Review:These are the highest quality Bao Ding balls I have ever used. Solid. Good finish, sturdy case. Real stainless and corrosion resistant.

These are solid so they don’t have the chimes in there relatively quiet. If you’re the kind of person that finds the chimes relaxing and wants them, these will not be the ones for you.

I guess the real question is why are no the other balls as good quality as this this is how they should all be made. But we know manufactures cheap out all the time. So by these and you will not be sorry.

These are on the smaller side being I think 1.57 inches in diameter so they are not the big ones. I wish this company made of varying sizes of these. And while I have bigger hands and could use the bigger Bao Ding, these work and I’m gonna stick with these.
Grab 10 feet of surgical tubing and if there’s ever a SHTF, you can make a slingshot that I’ll go through a car.


Available Here for: $22.99

2) A premium quality fidget spinner that is built to last.  Take this bad boy out of your pocket to redirect your work day stress.

Work stress reliever fidget spinner

Review:I have seen a lot of different versions of the fidget spinner in the hands of the young people around me. I never thought that they would interest me in the slightest, until I picked one up at the family Christmas party.

I have PTSD, and as a result of the anxiety, I have bald spots in my beard and my arms from pulling the hair.

I found this spinning comforting and a much better way to go. I wasn’t really happy with the alignment, or calibration of this spinner, because it was described as a precision piece of craftsmanship. I don’t think it is.

I would love to get my hands on a precision, perfectly balanced, machined spinner that had a gyroscopic feature. That would be a big deterrent for my anxious habits. This is a good starting point for me, but I don’t think this is my choice for fidget spinner.


Available at Amazon: $13.99

3) Serenilite hand therapy stress ball – optimal stress relief for work

stress relief ball


Review:This stress ball could have been the best investment for an item like this! After a while I wanted to order this, because other stress balls that I use are made out of foam and easily rip after extensive use. With this Serenlite Hand Therapy Ball it has a stitching on the outside that is very soft and is very comfortable, but the best part about it is how it actually feels. This Ball is VERY soft and squeezable, I have excessively used this and I practically take it everywhere as it does not damage or dirty up. Great investment to anyone who needs a very good stress reliever and a hand workout ball!


Get it for only:  $11.85

4) If popping bubble wrap is relaxing then get this bubble wrap keychain: Complete with popping sound.

Bubble wrap keychain that is infinite stress relief

Review: Seriously, who doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap?  I love this thing.  It’s always there when I need it.  I needed help to manage stress at work. When I’m sitting at work and I want to just generally feel a little bit more relaxed I can pull out my keychain and start popping away. It fits right in your pocket.

  Get It For: $10.77

5) For a dynamic experience, with many different variables, use the ORIGINAL Fidget Cube

Review: As someone with ADHD currently in college, I often find myself drifting off and getting distracted unless I am fidgeting, but whenever I do, it makes noises that annoys other students and sometimes even the professor. Thanks to this product I can fidget in class with the option of not making noise and it helps me focus better. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Available on Amazon for: $22.97

6) These keychain Peas are just so satisfying and cute!

Tiny peas for getting over the stresses of the work week


Review: These fidget soybeans are so much fun. I work at an elementary school and I get stopped by students several times a day wanting to fidget with it, (I put it on my badge) Brightens their day, and mine too.


Here it is: $8.99

7) Pivot Performance Omnigrip gets you through the work week

Review: One of the more interesting hand strengthening gadgets I’ve tried, doubles as a fidget toy at the same time! The thing about it the most is you can strengthen your fingers in different angles than you would be able to normally compared to traditional hand strengthening devices. Highly recommended!


You can get it here: $19.95

8) The infinity cube is the mac daddy of all stress relief toys

infinity cube can help you manage stress at work

Review: I bought this for my 20 year old son who has had ADD for most of his life. I have bought him fidget cubes and spinners. He used them for a while and then either lost them or grew tired of them. His reaction to the Infinity Cube is very different. The product has a solid feel and he is able to manipulate it one-handed. It helps him to concentrate when he is doing school work and studying for finals. It also seems to significantly reduce his anxiety. I can’t thank you enough for this product. I wish we would have had it years ago. But I will be grateful for it now.


Get it for: $9.95

9) The stress roller is really good for people with ADD to manage stress at work.

Get the roller to manage stress and increase focus

Review: I bought this for work. I am a smoker I try to smoke less during work hours. I find myself needing something to keep my hands busy so I thought this would be something I can mess with and carry around with me.

I have been an insomniac for years, I toss and turn all night. I had this thing on my nightstand intending to take it to work in the morning and of course, I couldn’t sleep, so I started messing with it, and I have found that spinning it slowly in my hand at night helps me fall asleep. I thought it was a fluke, but i’ve done it for 3 nights now and it really helps. I try to spin it as slowly as I can, and I think concentrating on that helps calm my mind down. I’m not saying it’s a total cure, it still takes me a while to fall asleep, but if you are someone that struggles to fall asleep like me, I highly recommend giving this a try. I know it sounds crazy, but it really does help


Get it for only:  $18.99

10) Toms Fidget Flippy Chain for ADD gets the poison out.

Review: My daughter is 9 and has a problem sitting still in class. She fidgets because it helps her process, she loves it. It’s small enough for her hand and it doesn’t make noise, we needed that last part so she could use it in class. Excellent product.


Get it for only: $7.99


11) Meditation beads aka ‘WORRY’ beads have been used for millennia by Tibetan Monks to Quiet the mind and bring peace.

Review: This is absolutely the most amazing mala I own, and I have somewhere around 25-30. Everything about it is perfect. And what makes the perfect mala (for me) you ask? First of all the beads are 8mm – not too big, not too small. Often times I will find a beautiful mala only to open the link and discover the beads are only 5-6mm. I don’t have large hands but find anything less than 8mm beads cumbersome, and anything bigger than 8mm too large to wear all the time. I also like malas to have the beaded tassel vs the frayed string tassel because they look cleaner.

One thing, for me, that is an absolute MUST HAVE is that the guru bead is larger than the rest of the beads. We mala users all know that is is considered disrespectful to cross the guru bead. When I am meditating with my eyes closed it is too easy to pass the guru bead if it is the same size as the rest of them. I know some will disagree, but I also like my malas to be on an elastic cord vs a knotted string. This way it fits nicely when I wrap it around my wrist. However, some people are selling malas where the elastic string is so cheap that it stretches easily in a short amount of time. This makes it easy to break, makes the beads noisy when they clank together and is just plain ugly. This mala comes on high quality stretch cord.

-Lee Curtis

Get it for only: $12.98

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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