This African American Woman Amazingly Survived WWII Nazi Occupied Europe

One of the only African Americans in WWII Nazi occupation to Survive

Jazz musician Valaida Snow

The Nazi’s were bad guys.  Like, really bad guys.  With white nationalism creeping up again in our nation I naturally started googling stuff about Nazis. For example, when the Nazis had forcefully conquered Europe, with their shitty white supremacist ideology, there were African folk on the continent as well!  Well, come to find out, one of the only people of African decent to have been detained by the Nazis was actually an African American! I asked myself. Why don’t we ever hear about African American people in WWII?

This African American Woman Amazingly Survived Nazi Occupied Europe!!!

  First off: Why don’t we hear about the African American people in WWII?

One of the only African American people to survive Nazi Occupied Europe
Valaida Snow public domain via Wikipedia

African American people being pushed away from the center of history books has been an ongoing problem.  Radical white supremacist ideology was not only rampant in Nazi Germany.  In fact it was so bad at home in America that it was beginning to effect the career of the extremely talented Miss Valaida Snow.

In the 1930’s Miss Valaida Snow was an incredibly successful Musician.  She was so good at playing the trumpet that she rivaled the great Louis Armstrong.  Her success started heating up.  She, naturally,  was sick of being in a country that didn’t provide her the space to grow.  This was because of her race.  Due to that fact Valaida eventually went on tour in Europe.

While in Europe she quickly gained popularity.  She gained much success super quick.  She played in London and France.  Once in Copenhagen, though, her tour turk a turn for the worse.  While in Denmark, during the German occupation, she was arrested and thrown into jail.  For what?  God only knows.  We know that the Nazis had zero good intentions when it came to people who weren’t white.

AFrican American People in WWII
By Unknown – Page 25 of March 10, 1945 Billboard magazine, Public Domain,

How did this Africa American Woman survive in WWII Nazi Occupation?

Her story is really unclear.  All the information about her arrest was is vague.  She was in prison for a year in Copenhagen and released during a prisoner exchange.  The strange thing is that she never recovered from the incident.  

Written by Emilie Wasser

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