The Tenacious D Oculus Rift VR Concert Was Next Level!


The concert with Kyle gas and Jack Black (tenacious d)


Tenacious D Oculus Rift? When I heard that Tenacious D “The Greatest Band Ever” was going to perform via Oculus Rift I pretty much flipped out.  One of my favorite bands was live in concert and I could experience it from the comfort of my own home. I smoked some Legal Cannabis,  put on my Oculus Rift and let the sounds of Tenacious D wash over me for a full evening.

I’ve been a Tenacious D fan my whole life.  If you don’t know who Tenacious D are, the duo consists of the actor Jack Black and his sidekick Kyle Gass. The two have been rocking supreme since I can remember.  Tenacious D has always stayed true to the spirit of Rock & Roll.

note: To those who don’t know the lingo, one can refer to Tenacious D solely by the single word “The D.” 

This experience was the likes of which had never been seen and it calls itself Tenacious D.

I heard Tenacious D for the first time back in the early 2000’s when MTV was still a big thing.  I’ll never forget the video “Tribute” when it came on air. I remember thinking, curiously, to myself “I know that long haired lead singer from somewhere.”  It was at that moment that I’d learned about the multi-faceted skills of Jack Black and his incredible voice.  From that point forth he wasn’t just an actor anymore but a Rock & Roll Legend.

A Virtual Reality Rock & Roll Concert

Like I said, I got super stoned in preparation for the Tenacious Oculus Rift concert as I logged in via  Oculus Venues. Oculus Venues is a platform feature that allows for a stadium-like experience in a VR headset. To me, this was the perfect way to experience a concert virtually.

As I put the VR set onto my head I was astounding by the level of immersion that the VR platform offered.  As the acoustic guitar symphony came a blazing I knew I was in the territory of the “D”. I sat in my living and at the same time in a stadium packed to the brim.

The Tenacious D Oculus Rift Rock Opera raises the bar for Rock and Roll

The duo played music from their new Rock Opera “Post-Apocalytpto”.  This whole set stays true to their given style.  Jack Black has this Rock Star confidence that would put Bon Jovi to shame and their comedic timing is astounding.

Character from the Tenacious D VR Oculus Rift Concert

From “Fuck Her Gently” to a Robot that wants to have sex with you.

Tenacious D Palace Theatre St. Paul Minnesota Tenacious D In Post-Apocalypto The Tour 2019

The duo hasn’t had a tour in nearly five years, naturally, as tickets went on sale, in February, they sold out almost instantly. The band sold over 5,500 tickets at the Palace Theater alone.  It was nearly impossible to get a ticket.  Lucky enough, Tenacious D astounded fans by doing their first VR concert.

  Tenacious D on Oculus Rift pulled it off in my opinion

I’ve always been a hardcore rocker.  Could this be the beginning of a new era of Rock & Roll?  I can only dream.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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