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Icelandic Dead Glacier Plaque: A Chilling Message To The Future!

On August 18, Iceland will hold a ceremony to commemorate the death of a glacier.  The Icelandic dead glacier plaque will be dedicated on what once was the site of a huge glacier!

dead ice glacier
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Glaciers as we all know, are the largest reserves of fresh-water on Earth. I’m pretty sure, most of you are unaware of the term “dead ice glacier” . But as much as it seems unreal, it’s happening now!!

dead ice glacier
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Yes, Glaciers are dying! This dead glacier is just the beginning.

The earth is having a severe environmental crisis and no one seems to care about it. It’s not only devastating for Earth but it, in turn, has the capacity to kill each one of us!!

Once an iconic glacier, Okjökull, is non-existent today. A hundred years ago, it covered 5.8 square miles Western Iceland and measured 164 feet thick. Now, it’s merely 10 square feet of ice and its depth has fallen below 49 feet. It’s no more a glacier which is a saddening state for all of us.

dead ice glacier
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Okjökull was one of the 400 oldest glaciers in Iceland, but sadly it said good-bye to us in 2014 due to the effects of global warming. The surprising fact about Iceland’s glaciers is that it’s losing almost 10 billion tons of ice every year which is an alarming state! In 2018, a documentary named “Not Ok” came out which showed severe effects of global warming.

Two anthropologists from Rice University named Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer discovered that the story of dead ice glacier, Okjökull didn’t receive much recognition back in 2014 which is disheartening.

“There was just one small news piece in English-language news, and no international coverage” says Howe.

He further added;

“Toward the end of the process, we realized that Okjokull deserves some kind of memorial to its passing,”

The Icelandic dead glacier plaque will be lain as a memorial at the site that once held the Okjökull glacier.

The simple yet powerful words on the commemorative plaque is a warning to us:

“All our glaciers will follow the same path over the next 200 years. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.”




Written by Hira Fatima

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