Tribes Living In The Amazon Speak Out Against Fire

The Amazon Fire has been wreaking havoc across Brazil. There are currently hundreds of indigenous peoples who live across the variety of parts of the Amazon river basin.  They’ve been extremely affected by this ecological tragedy.  Amazon tribes speak out. See it here in these recent videos that have surfaced on the internet.

This man from the Mura Tribe of the Amazon says about the fires:

“It’s destruction.  What we want for this place, for the efforts that I spoke about, for this forest, I will go on until my last drop of blood.” He says with a trembling in his voice.  

He goes on to say: “For us, this is destruction what is being done here in an atrocity against us.”  

    “Over the years we have resisted here when there was no access by road when electricity arrived when the invasion happened, and with each passing day, we see the destruction advance. Deforestation, invasion, logging.  We are sad because the forest is dying at every moment.  And we feel the climate changing and the world needs the forest.  We need it and our children need it. “


Written by Burrito Mussolini

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