Stranger Things Carnival Scene Sums Up The Capitalist System

This stranger things carnival scene sums up the Capitalist system.  It starts out with Alexei and Murray at a carnival.

1) In the Stranger Things Carnival Scene Murray makes a joke aimed strangely at the American decor and eating habits

stranger things murray

“It doesn’t get more American than this, my friend–” he says.

stranger things Murray explains to Alexei

“fatty foods, ugly decadence…”

2) That quickly turns to a diatribe about the American capitalist system.  The carnival games are a metaphor for the free market.

Stranger Things Carnival Scene

“rigged games…”

3) The Russian “Alexei” makes a statement about his ignorance of the truth.  He is oblivious to the unfairness of the games, perhaps, even a little bit seduced by them.

Stranger Things Netlix carnival scene

“They are rigged, these games?” he says, confused.

4) Murray finds Alexeis ignorance amusing.  Because it is something all Americans know (yet they continue to play the games.)

Stranger Things


5) Alexei in this next comment affirms his ignorance.

Stranger Things Carnival capitalist

“They do not look rigged…”

6) Murray explains to him the true meaning behind the “games.”

Stranger Things

“That’s just it, my dear Alexei.”

Stranger Things

“They have been designed to present the illusion of fairness!”

Stranger Things

“But it’s all a scam, a trick.”

7) Murray explains to Alexei true reason behind the games.

Stranger Things

“To put your money in the rich man’s pocket.”

Stranger Things

“That, my dear friend, is…”

8) He says “America” but he might as well have been saying “Capitalism”

Stranger things carnival


Murray here is clearly outlining the spirit of our times. That is: that Capitalism is a “rigged” game.  Stranger Things (film) is an art form.  Art allows people to depict a far wider range of cultural expressions than anything else.  So here we aren’t just shown the Capitalist sentiment by a simple metaphor, but we are given a vision into the feelings of our generation.  These feelings surround and haunt the capitalist system.  So what exactly are the factors which give people this impression?

  • The disparity of wealth
  • income inequality
  • Master/slave work environments
  • Poverty and horrible conditions in other countries
  • Exploitation
  • Excessive waste and pollution

The list goes on…..

Murray represents here capitalist fatigued America, which more than mistrusts the system but has a clear hatred for it. Is this simply a scene that sums up the Capitalist system or is it the beginning of a deep, growing and persistent hatred it that will become widespread?  If people begin to ‘wake-up’ how will it affect the future of Capitalism?

Does the Stranger Things carnival scene do a good job of depicting peoples feelings about the capitalist system?

Let us know in the comments.


Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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