Ross Perot Great Capitalist Lord Dies at 89: His Awards And Legacy


Ross perot is a hustler
Ross perot hustlin

Henry Ross Perot was a great and noble capitalist.

Ross Perot great capitalist lord dies at 89. Seriously, it is a sad day in the passing of this great modern nobleman. Perot set the groundwork for his industry and fought nobly and hard in the mass, cross continental war of making money, serving the countryfolk and progressing mankind.

It is very sad for me to say this…

Our great Lord CEO Henry Ross Perot Grand Duke of Tech Service died today.  He died of leukemia at his home in Dallas at the advanced age of 89.

Perot’s Great glory was not in vain.  Throughout his life he established a great many corporate feudal holdings.  He employed many working class peasants and even raised many of the serfs to the noble ranks of Directors staff knights and even “rags to riches” executive Lords.

The Perot Legacy

Perot was such a hustler that he was even still hustling up to the day that he died.

‘The world wants things done, not excuses.  One thing done well is worth a million in good excuses.”

-Ross Perot

Perot lived the opulent life of a Capitalist Aristocrat he was ranked as Americas 167th-richest person at over $4 billion (according to Forbes).

What industry was Ross Perot in?

Ross Perot was one of the premiere founding fathers of the tech industry.  He helped to put tech services on the map.  As far as I know, tech services is something like the army of nerds at the best-buy Geek squad. Perot, I think, set the standard for customer care everywhere.

What are Perots noble honors?

Ross Perot was the spearhead of the information technology industry.  He got his start as a salesman for IBM and reached instant legendary status.  His salesman game was so tight, that he once broke his annual sales quota in just 19 days!  IBM couldn’t produce enough equipment for him to sell.  So he got the bright idea that IBM should start selling tech support to its customers.  But they turned his idea down.  Legend has it, on the way home, he stopped and got a haircut.  While he was sitting in the barbers chair he read a quote by Henry David Thoreau:

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

It was this quote that sparked his vigor.  The next day, so they say, he quit his job at IBM and became an entrepreneur.  He started EDS (Electric Data Systems) and it was this company that made him his first billionaire.

The Technology Welfare Billionaire

He get’s this title because of his government contracts.

After selling EDS he funded $20 million of his own money, started another company called Perot Systems and staffed it with former EDS employees. In 2009 Dell bought out Perot Systems of $3.9 billion.

Real Estate

With his son Ross Perot Jr. he founded Hillwood development and got 30,000 acres of ranchland.   They then turned it into AllianceTexas. That became one of Americas largest railroad inland shipping ports. However, Ross didn’t stay far away from the technology sector and he built distribution centers for Amazon and Facebook.

Natural Gas

Remember that land that Ross Perot bought?   Well it had tons of oil wells and natural gas reservoirs.  It wasn’t long until Ross Jr. started to develop and sell drilling rights on the property.


He took Bill Clinton head on in the 90’s. It was here that he very much proved himself to be a man of the technology age.  He was a constitutional constructivist and railed on about how the constitution was created before the industrial revolution.  He said:  “keep in mind our Constitution predates the industrial revolution.  Our founders did not know about electricity, the train, telephones, radio, television, automobiles, airplanes, rockets, nuclear weapons, satellites, or space exploration.  Theres a lot they didn’t know about.  It would be interesting to see what kind of document they’d draft today.  Just keeping it frozen in time won’t hack.”

Perot was a Warrior for the Working Class.

He took a crack at the presidency back in 1992 and 1996.  He ran with the populist reform party and argued against big deficits and free trade and warned about “the giant sucking sound” of US jobs going to Mexico.

His views were very extreme.  Needless to say he lost the race after spending $60 million of his own cash.


List of noble honors & Awards held by Perot

  •   1986 Received the Winston Churchill Award for donations to Vietnam Pow’s.
  • Organized the rescue of 2 EDS employees from prison in Iran.
  • 1986 Perot received the S. Roger Horchow award: Greatest Public Service by a private citizen.
  • U.S. Business hall of fame
  • He was made an honorary Green Beret
  • Appointed honorary chairman of the OSS society
  • Distinguished Alumni of Texas High School
  • Sylvanus Thayer Award winner
  • Distinguished Leadership Award from Command and General Staff College Foundation Inc.
  • Had a bridge named after him.
  • William J. Donovan award from OSS society
  • Army Hertiage Center Foundation Boots on the Ground Award
  • Had a dinosaur named after him Pachyrhinosaurus Perotorum

If he were a serving military man his medal rack would be very colorful (just based on these awards).  Good thing that we at want to help delineate the chain of the noble order of capitalism.  So this begs the question.  In the Capitalist Hierarchical caste system how would Ross Perots’ Honors be displayed?

The Cult Machine Presents The Ross Perot Coat of Arms


Ross Perot Coat of Arms and Awards
The Cult machine honors Ross Perot with a Coat of Arms

This is the cult machine official coat of arms for Ross Perot and the Perot family.  In it you’ll find a wide variety of symbolism to extoll virtue to his noble house.  This image is a testament to the rites and privileges won and earned by the great man himself.

Here is what the symbols represent:

Center: At the center of the shield is the symbol from the Real Estate company that he and his son own.  Hillwood Development.

Supporters: These two triceratops looking dinosaurs are the species of dinosaur named after the great nobleman Pachyrhinosaurus Perotorum).

Banners: The banners which support each triceratops are the logo (arms) of his first business Electronic Data Systems.

Helm:  As Ross Perot is the 167 richest person in America.  He is considered to be a part of the lower royalty.  He isn’t fully integrated as a member of the royal meritocracy.  The tech industry King is Bill Gates.  He runs the entire industry and has vested noble capitalist meritocratic rights.  However, Ross Perot comes in as a Duke of the tech services sector of that industry.  This is why the knight is represented wearing a crown.

Lower (loins): The holy image of the USB cable.  The given symbol of the tech industry.


Ross Perot was a great and noble capitalist Lord CEO.  He provided hundreds of jobs for people and lead the tech industry to glory and greatness.  Let us remember Ross Perot and strive in our religious fervor for money to be like him.

Written by Burrito Mussolini

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