This Flight Attendant is Hilarious! His Safety Instructional Is A Must See

We’ve all sat through countless safety instructions before the flight.  These instructions get so boring to the point that you almost find yourself blocking them out.  Not with this WestJet flight attendant.  This flight attendant is hilarious! With Westjet you can be sure that you’ll be paying attention to the safety instruction.



This Flight Attendant on WestJet gave the funniest rendition of a passenger safety instruction.  He gave it in both English and In French during a Canadian flight.  This Flight Attendant is Hilarious

His name is Mike Mcadam. The entire cabin is utterly in stitches with his charades.  This guy definitely deserves a pay raise.

Seeing someone bring their own creativity to a job adds value and commands a higher pay grade than the others.  We forget sometimes just how competitive the capitalist world is out there.  It causes us to become bored, or just fall into a routine.  Not for this hilarious flight attendant.  There is no question in my mind that he is bringing another level of value to his job.



People appreciate the effort in bringing character to an otherwise boring safety instructional.

Hilarious flight attendant from WesJet

Funny Flight attendant safety instruction

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