Computer Glasses: How The Computer is Damaging Your Eyes

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This is not a picture of me or a guy wearing computer glasses. It’s just public domain image of a guy wearing glasses.

As a content writer at I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.  I started to notice,after a few months, that I had really bad eye strain, trouble falling asleep and blurred vision.  I went to the optometrist and he told me I have (CVS) or computer vision syndrome.  He said I should look into buying computer glasses to reduce the damage.  So I took his advice and let me tell you, it made a huge difference! So if you’re having the same problem I’ll show you how the computer is damaging your eyes and how computer glasses have helped me overcome this.

 Read This Before Continuing: I am not a doctor and this blog post should in no way be a replacement for any professional medical advice.  I’m merely reporting my experience and how computer glasses helped me.  

    Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer work is unlike other work. It causes blurred vision. Blurred vision is mainly because your eyes can’t stay focused so you spend a lot of time shifting them. Your eyes move constantly from the keyboard to the screen, changing windows and back again.

Blue Light Related Vision complications

Blue light is a lower level of light: UVB opposed to UV. Light wavelengths are everywhere and surround us. It’s the reason that the sky appears blue. The only problem, however, is unlike other forms of light, UVB is totally absorbed into the retina and there is no filtration.  Problems arise such as macular degeneration, long term and short term vision problems,the reduction of melatonin production, cataracts and it might even speed up blindness.


So let’s say you’ve talked to your doctor.  Let’s say your doctor has recommended that, in your particular situation, you need computer glasses.  Why computer glasses?  Because they SERIOUSLY HELP optimize your vision while using a computer.  At least that’s been my experience.

How Do Computer Glasses Help?

Computer glasses help to optimize your computer viewing through a few methods.

  1. A special coating absorbs most of the blue light hitting the back of your retina
  2.  Magnifying lenses make the computer screen larger and reduce strain.
  3. You look cooler while using the computer

Below I’ll give you the run down of my quest for perfect computer vision.  I will describe this in various stages and power levels to help you “level-up” and get more work done on the computer without damaging your eyes.

Level 1: ANRRI Blue Light Filtering Computer glasses

Blue light Computer Glasses
ANRRI Blue Light Filtering Computer Glasses

They worked fine for the time being and they were a GREAT price at only $19.95. These are a good “starting point.” I noticed my eye strain was totally after the first hour of wearing them.

  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT –  90% of the blue light is filtered out and I had way less eye fatigue. 
  • REDUCE EYESTRAIN – I had way less eye strain
  • BETTER SLEEP -I found it much easier to fall asleep.

The only problem was that I dropped them a week later and dinged them up pretty good. The ANRRI glasses do offer a 100% money back warranty, but for only $20 I didn’t feel like going through the hassle.  But I was ready to move onto a better pair.

Level 2: MEETSUN Computer Glasses


The MEETSUN worked just as good as the ANRRI and but they had more of a variety in style (that I liked.)  I liked the price, for sure at only $19.95 you couldn’t go wrong.  It’s just that the look wasn’t really all that I was going for.  I ended up giving them to my mom and she loves them.  She even bought a pair for my dad.

  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT –  Still had 90% of the blue light is filtered out
  • REDUCE EYESTRAIN – Still had less eye strain
  • BETTER SLEEP -Still was able to sleep
  • MORE STYLE SELECTION-Hides pretty well.

Level 3: GUNNAR Gaming & Computer Eye wear 


Gunnar Comptuer Glasses
Gunnar gaming glasses

I picked up these bad boys at Gamestop. I just couldn’t wait for them to arrive from amazon.  They were the last pair they had and when I opened the box, I had this feeling of being on drugs. I swear, taking these things out of the box was like having an orgasm. They are the Iphone of computer glasses.  I wear them in hardcore gaming situations, mainly for long winded Starcraft sessions.  They are really powerful.  The Gunnars are heavy duty. Here is what they have on their site:


  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT –  Still had 90% of the blue light is filtered out
  • REDUCE EYESTRAIN – Still had less eye strain
  • BETTER SLEEP -Still was able to sleep
  • AMBER TINTED LENSES– For added protection
  • HIGH GRADE MATERIAL- Polycarbonate frames

The only problem is that they don’t have as much of a selection.  I hope you like looking like a dork, but also having your eyes fully protected from the blinding glare of a computer scree.


Sannies Computer glasses

The Swannies are the creme de la Creme in badassery.  The CEO is a youtube Entrepreneur and you can follow him here.  I absolutely love my Swannies, I use them mainly at night when I go out.  They look cool and they are high quality.

In Conclusion

Computer glasses get you the best viewing power and put it right where you need it. In a wide field of view where you don’t need to constantly adjust your focus.  The best part about using computer glasses, that I’ve found, is that my productivity has gone way up.  I’m no longer straining to look at the screen and as a result I am getting more work done.


Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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