The Meaning of the Trump & China Trade War


  Our Doofus President Trump has finally fucked it up royally this time.  The stage is now set for what is appearing to be a long drawn out trade dispute between the United States and the Peoples Republic of China.  Fan-Fucking-tastic.  So now Decades of peaceful trade between the two nations has simply been tossed to the gutter in favor of what’s been called “Aggressive use of trade law” on the part of the Trump administration.  President Trump has swiftly levied tariffs on foreign imports:

    Steel imports: 25%

 aluminum imports:  10%

American is possibly royally fucked!

 But to what ends does this megalomaniac expect to gain over the Chinese other than setting a foundation of ongoing madness? 

What good comes from distancing one’s own country from its largest trading partner?

Chinese and American Trade war
China is Americas largest trading partner. Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

This means that the costs of a trade war with China would be in the hundreds of billions.

China vs. the USA

  So who started this mayhem?  What is the leading cause of this?   Some of the reasons stated for these heavy tariffs come on the grounds of Trumps onset of delirium for sure. The mans age is beginning to show behind this erratic and paranoid behavior.  The rule of the mad king has begun. 

 Chinese Trade War and American Nationalism

  It’s the rise of the nationalists stage. The Globalists along with any semblance of rationality have all backed down from this center stage.  It’s a truly maddening effect to think that America could fully support itself without foreign industry.   That is that  Trumps official story is he means to bring manufacturing back to the father land.  That and also to gain a quote-unquote leverage on Chinese Policies. 


The Chinese Response

Yeah, Maybe for starters China hasn’t lived up to some of the major promises its made after joining the World Trade Organization in 2001.  Promises like opening its markets to fair play and bringing an end to its cyber hacking.  But there is no way to believe that tariffs on the part of the trump administration are going to be effective measures in achieving these goals.  Sure since the tariffs on Aluminum and steel have been in effect its brought manufacturing back in those sectors.  Somewhat!  But how does such an idiot like Trump expect to reign in such demands on this Chinese beast.  Did he just expect China to just roll over its back?  When you cut off the head of a hydra, two more vicious seething heads appear in its place.  And since these taxes have been set in motion by the likes of Trump the Chinese have retaliated with tariffs of their own. 

 So what can we expect from the Trade War turmoil in the long run?

Commodities cost are going up

Volatile markets: Seafood, luggage,parts like circuit borads, machinery Cell Phones

What can we forecast could be the consequences of a prolonged trade war? 

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development  the trade war is not just gonna hurt the American economy.   In fact by 2021 it may loose global growth by .7%.  If that’s the case We’ll see a global recession.

  Federal Reserve will have to cut interest rates & China would need a new stimulus. 

Check out this link

  The biggest industry to get hit by this for sure is going to be the shoe industry.  Roughly 72% of all footwear sold in the US was made in China.  Higher prices for consumers and lower profits for companies. admonishing companies to manufacture in America if they want to avoid trade. 

So is it really worth it to allow this mad king to continue his alienating policies?   Tell us what you think in the comment sections below.  We aren’t going to judge you. Just let us know if you think the trade wars are a good idea and hit the like button and subscribe for more on the week daily cult. 

Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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