The Game of Thrones HBO Ending was a Bomb ! But there is still hope!

The Game of Thrones ending was a total bomb.  Is there still hope? Fans Chime in across social media-dom over this adulterated disappointment.  Here’s the down and dirty.   There is no sigh of relief for the people of Westeros.  The 8th season-ending leaves us all feeling like Kings landing at the end: burned & debauched.

Just to recap:

We start the episode with Tyrion and Jon walking through the scorched King’s Landing, They are not cool with the devastation their quote-unquote queen has wrought.

As for Grey Worm, he really proves himself to be a very unlikeable character.

So fast forward a bit and Daerny gives this Nurnberg rally esque war speech to her stormtroopers.  She is standing on this platform like a Targeryan Adolf hitler.  She says to her troops that the debauchery isn’t going to stop at kings landing, & that they are taking this killing party across all of Westeros.  game-of-thrones-season-8-episode-6-dany-unsullied

“War is not over until we liberate the world,”

Even here John is still not clued into the fact the Daerny is off her rocker. That is, until when Tyrion renounces his service as hand and gets himself thrown into the dungeon. Here John finally wises upon and gets to the castle where he Kills Daernys.

To cut it short:

Dragon gets upset,

Dragon melts iron throne,

Dragon scoots,


Bran (three eyed raven) is crowned king of all Westeros and wins the Game of Thrones.

What happens to Jon?
it’s a complete revolution. He’s sent to the nights watch.  Just like at the beginning of the show.  This is a poetic call back to how Ned stark was killed for the same crime, instead of forgiven like Jon.  It’s meant to show how the new age of ju

So How are people responding on social media?    

Ben Shapiro tweeted:


The People of Game of Thrones subreddit chime in:



So what is wrong with this and what is right with this?  My whole opinion is all summed up by this meme right here:

The story telling is all off and the character development is lackluster.  The creators of the series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss,  got ants in their pants with Game of Thrones.  They were eager to get it over with and get started on their new project; The Star Wars film they were contracted to do.  So, like premature ejaculators, they blew their load on all of us, eager viewers, leaving us wanton to still get off.

Why don’t people accept the Game of Throne ending?

They Rushed through it.  There isn’t really a problem with the conclusion. It’s just we weren’t given enough time or reasons to invest in it. The Madness scenario works and a Tragedy is not necessarily a bad ending.  Look at the end of hamlet.  All of the characters die.  Look at the end of Oedipus, the main character pokes out his own eyes.  So with Daerny turning, I don’t really see a problem with it.  I just see that:

  • We don’t see the development of Daernys madness build up
  • We don’t see an aura of leadership that draws around bran to make us want him to be king.
  • The night kings climax was a complete waste of time

I mean the HBO creators had every means to draw these stories out more and developed the characters.   It was green-lighted by HBO to go on into a 9th and 10th season.

It’s not over yet for A Game of Thrones

Reasons to be Optimistic

One man can fix this all!  RR MARTIN.

RR Martin has more dedication to the craft of storytelling than HBO’s goons combined.  He’s been writing this damn thing since 1996, and it has been a masterpiece thus far! That’s the issue right? In a 60 minutes interview, he pointed out that the ending of the books would be very different.  He says that Much of what we needed to know was left out of the TV series.

Too bad that he was just too behind on the ball.  RR Martin writes like molasses and lost control of his story around season 5.  With his epic still unfinished he had to take a seat on the sidelines.

Never before has a book to film adaptation seen an event where the unfinished story results in in the film adapters writing the story themselves.   HBO corporate fiat Game of Thrones RR Martin epic can never compare to the raw process that comes from the master storyteller who coined the tale: RR Martin.

All we can assume is that in the book these plot holes need to be tied up:

  1. The killing off of the night king by Aria stark was a needlessly inserted Deus Ex Machina. There needs to be more elaboration here.
  2. Daerny’s turn from liberator to dictator will be a little more elaborated upon.
  3. The 3 eyed raven needs to gain a more prominent role over the fate of Westeros before Bran is Crowned. We need to see a cultic uprising around the boy.
We need a reason to agree that these things are all good.  The TV series hasn’t shown us that at all.

George RR Martin is the hand of true canon

 The one true ending of Game of Thrones will come.  RR Martin will give it to us.  

“An artist cannot let himself be made into an institution.” Said Jean paul Sartre

That sums up the depraved debauchery of Game of Thrones that took place at the hands of the HBO execs.

But we are also to blame. In the consumers need to always expect the unexpected the HBO creators gave us the most unexpected turn of events of all: that is that the final episode The Game of Thrones HBO Ending was a Bomb! 

Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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