Some Great Artworks from Jeff Koons : A Quick Artist Snapshot


Jeff Koons is one of the best known American Artists living today.  His work focuses on popular culture and reproducing seemingly banal objects into more lasting sculptures.  He lives and works in New York city and his hometown of York. 


Objects are merely metaphors for people.

It isn’t about the object itself but how it is received and accepted by others which it counts.  In this way the art of Jeff Koons is communal since he strives to be an effective and clear communicator to crowds. To him, it seems, this massive voice ( ability to reach audiences) is the moral responsibility that comes with being an artist.

Jeff Koons’Art Process:  

  • Art should embody a spiritual nature.
  • You should strive to make your art as powerful as possible
  • Artists should embrace all tools of Art
  • Focus on what you are interested in
  • Tap into the reservoir of cultural history and personal history.  Dive into that and push history forward.
  • Know how to be self-reliant and make money with your art.

Art Analysis: 


Bear Policeman from the banality series.

This piece is an expression for how authority can be outgrown.  The whistle takes on a new meaning as the bear now holds he power to use it.  There is also a double meaning in the whistle because of the nature of it’s use it becomes almost sexualized in the process. 


Jeff Koons art
Blue puppy clowns by Koons
Jeff Koons artwork
Here we see how Koons Draws ideas from the mass produced images such as the Cabbage patch kids.
Jeff Koons sculpture
Ushering In Banality: more from Jeff Koons’ Banality series
Jeff Koons Michael Jackson & Bubbles 1988
Michael Jackson & Bubbles 1988

To see more from his banality series click here>>>>>> BANALITY

Michael Jackson Porcelain Sculpture by Jeff Koons

Koons work plays with mass production.  He almost uses it as a medium itself in some cases. For this image he intentionally focused on pop culture, entertainment and media iconography in order to cater to the consumer in all of us.

“I wanted to create him in a very god-like icon manner. But I always liked the radicality of Michael Jackson; that he would do absolutely anything that was necessary to be able to communicate with people.”

— Jeff Koons[3]

Possible Jeff Koons’ most famous & Iconic artworks are his balloon animals and inflatable pool toys

Aluminum artwork by Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons inflatable pool Lobster


ballon-dog by Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons Balloon dog made out of aluminum
jeff Koons popeye
Jeff Koons big aluminum Popeye

As artists we must take responsibility to create art which not only brings people together but also pushes history forward.  Jeff Koons’ public works require support of the community.   To him art is how he interacts with people however he has stated, “If your in the public eye long enough they will eventually burn you.”


Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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