Batman gets woke: Batwoman trailer backlash

Batman gets woke! The batwoman trailer backlash has hit the internet.   Another beloved franchise is getting defiled by Social Justice! CW network announces with DC comics the it will release a Legitimately woke Batman series formally called:  Batwoman. Which is all fine and dandy.  In fact nobody has a problem with a Batwoman show, what people react to now is this boring and lazy writing where all they do is take male characters and make the female.  We see it everywhere in pop culture media with Ghosbusters to Captain Marvel: Now we see it with batman.  I mean why don’t they do a Hulk spin off with a female lead while they are at it?It’s so obviously SJW that creators even issued the character an official red dyed angry feminist wig. Anyway the internet has officially branded this trailer as woke.

  What is Criteria for being woke?  Progressive left polemics

Politically explicit texts or media:  Formally known as Propaganda

To be woke means to be:

  • Over exhibitionist LGBT
  • Minority protagonists
  • Anti-Patriarchy
  • Feminism


So in declaring this Batwoman trailer formally as woke I have to draw conclusions based on a  highly specialized formula developed through millenial judgement practices.

According to the Uniform Code of Millenial Justice when considering texts such as:  media, news, literature, art etc.

One must follow a criteria of guidlines :

  • What does my Gut instinct tell me about? 
  • What is it’s political stance?
  • How are people responding to it online?

So based on all these factors we’ve come to the conclusion as well that this is definitively woke status.

The truth of the matter is is that this thing is nothing more than a bloated corporate funded propaganda machine.  But this political virtue signaling, as its been called, cannot be a substitute for artistic substance or precedence of character development or plot.   Not to mention that causes us to really to subvert our common sense.  I mean she’s punching and grappling with these hulking evil henchmen twice her size and throwing them over her shoulder and like its nothing.  Remember, its batman but with with half of the upper body strength and muscle twitch reflex.

How do you develop a character like this?

This ridiculous foray into re branding every once beloved male driven theme with a female lead is getting old and its anti-woman.

Why is woke so anti feminine?

Why does their main character have to be a butch lesbian.  There may be bat on girl scissoring scenes.  I mean there’s a blatantly explicit sexual reference scene in the trailer.  I don’t see any heterosexual man on the planet who would ever object anything like that.

By why is it so anti-feminine?   So who are the enemies of femininity?

“You’re the female Bruce Wayne.”

-Some character from the trailer

What is Villain wearing, are these granny panites?  1:13

Where do we get our notions of Feminine and femininity?  They come from universal archetypes.

Orthodox traditions of Femininity

I’m referencing  the online you-tuber professor Jonathan Pageau in his hour lecture.  Here he says that this call to have more gender equality in popular culture by showing belligerent female protagonists subverts notions of femininity.

These Ass Kicking Hero Characters always embody these Masculine Characteristics: 


“Physically powerful”

“Beats people up”

“Constantly fighting”


The consistency of texts in the last few years has portrayed the same idea of this militaristic hero.  Only it is regurgitated for us on a SJW platter:

  • The Last Jedi
  • Batwoman
  • Wonderwoman
  • Battlefield WWII
  • Batwoman
  • Captain Marvel

Basically creating characters that heavily embody this fierce masculine ideal  Pageau roughly says:

We appear to want woman to embody all that is masculine.  

The left polemics try to brand this new contextualization as a ritual necessary for equality. It’s supposedly a Call to have more gender equality in popular culture. Apparently this can only be done with strong female protagonists having all of the aforementioned traits. However in reading the subliminal problematic within these texts we show quite the opposite: They want to subvert orthodox ideals of femininity by supplanting male with female. 

In a promotional magazine for captain marvel the headline clearly states

       “The future is female.”

Even in the batman trailer the Bruce Wayne character says,

“Never let a man get credit for a womans job.”

She’d never even be wearing that suit if it wasn’t for Batman!  There is this constant subversion and devaluation of the male actors in these shows.   We see it in characters like Thor from the Ghostbusters movie, to Poe Damarungs in the Last Jedi. This is far from an example of equality.

Pageau says:

“Ascent of characters that wants to take all the masculine qualities, while at the same time demeaning all of the masculine characters of the story, what you don’t have is transcendence, you have confusion and inversion.”

So what Orthodox traditional notions of femininity Does Batwoman miss?

The question here is, how we can see these notions of feminine power take place:





“Providing a space for transcendence and creation”

“Caring and Healing”


We see examples of this in Beauty and the beast.  How the darkness of the beast as a male is transformed by feminine beauty.

In Gilgamesh the taming of the wildman ankidu by the maiden.

The book of Esther

Helen of Troy

Male Characters Adopting Feminine Qualities

In conclusion I’d like to show a reversal.  This is a story of how a Male characters can overcome this rapacious masculine female through adopting the feminine power. 

For this we turn to the Rig Veda in the epic of Kali & Shiva. You see Durga the lion riding Goddess was locked in battle with the the demon hoards.  In Durgas battle enraged fervor Kali burst forth from her head.  She vanquished the demon armies with her laser eyes.  But in her masculine hulk madness she went on an unsolicited murder spree.  Threatening to destroy the entire world. Shiva heard that Kali’s belligerence would destroy the world.  So he beams down to Earth and approaches Kali. Shiva lies down at the feet of Kali in her estrogen enraged approach.   This simple act of vulnerability on the part of Lord Shiva causes Kalis inexorable rage to be soothed and for the balance to be brought back to normal. Shiva approaches Kali in her yang and can only subdue her by taking the position of the ying.  These traits are exemplified in all humans. We all carry masculine and feminine traits.  Therefore if we are to fight this encroaching emasculation of men and emasculation of women we need re-introduce feminine power to balance the confusion.




Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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