My Employment History: Wage Labor & Financial Freedom

My First Job

    Wage labor & financial freedom.  It never seemed possible.  This is because my first job was as butt boy with Dominoes pizza.  I’ll never forget how on the first day I got a load of shit dumped on me.
   A customer wanted to ruin my day because I was too slow over the phone to take her order. I’ll never forget how she said to me, “Maybe you ought to give the phone to somebody a little less inept than you are.”  Shit! I wasn’t inept,  I was just learning the damn program and besides, it was my first day!  How could somebody talk to me like this?  I would have hung up on this bitch in any other circumstance. But in this situation I didn’t. I was afraid of losing my job! So instead of telling her to fuck off I actually apologized to her for the inconvenience.
    It was fear that reduced me to this helpless weasel & that mindset would be further drilled into my brain with every job thereafter.  I realized, after not too long, this one fact:
It is better to be the boss than to be the employee
   According to the pew research center, as of 2018, only 10 % of the current 146 million workers are self-employed & 1 in 4 of them are actual job creators which means that there is a significant population difference between the employee and the employer.

What wage Laborers Should do for their Financial Freedom 

The solution of the modern Business Gurus, are as follows:
  •   Start your own business
  •  Save money and use your money to invest
  • inherit the money from a wealthy relative
  • Find wage labor you love (which is just further subjugation)

 Start Your Own Business

  If you start your own business just remember you are in for a river of shit.  Not only will you be working like a demon, but you’re up against a pack of wolves.  Not to mention that there is this pool of capital that is dwindling.  The income distribution favors every oligarch inheriting the lions share (think Marxist apocalypse).  50 % of all jobs fail within the first year & 66% of jobs fail within the first 10 years.  

 Save Money & Invest

  If starting your own business failed then you could always use any loose change. The average salary is $44,564. On top of that, you are paying monthly expenses up the wazoo. You and your job being able to make any REAL investments here that would lead to financial freedom are decades in the making, if not; utterly impossible.  

You Inherit the money

Are your relatives wealthy?  Hopefully, you don’t have any close cousins or siblings who would further dilute that inheritance.  Unless your Billy Madison, then this option is probably not in the ballpark.

Find wage labor you Love

 I find this option to be blatantly antagonistic. If employment itself, is the heart of discontent, then being employed again is just an injury to insult.  It means you’re only as good (in this society) as renting yourself to the next highest bidder in the capitalism rotation.  

So, in conclusion, the sad truth of the matter is this:  

It is utterly impossible for wage laborers to be financially free.  

I am sorry to drag you through all this. If you have employed you’re axiomatical, a priori dependent & NOT capable of being financially free.
90% of the population will always be financially dependent.  
This is a REAL problem in society.  Everybody is pretty much wage slaves.  90% of people are subject to the totalitarian demands of a supreme commander capitalist overlord.  90% of people are stuck in this perpetual cycle of job after discontented job.
  …however, I have a solution…
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Written by Grand Hierophant

The Grand Hierophant

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